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Comparative Mythology and Religion

- Cubits in the philosophy of Alchemy

- Cubits in the philosophy of Alchemy

Because we start each generation fresh and new we lose sight of intent. I am a Free Mason and also an Alchemist. Not alchemy so much in distillation but more so in the reconstruction of principles (transmutation) through the discipline of measures. Specifically, the utilization of cubits just as the ancients used them.

The Guardian, 2016

Complete History of Stonehenge Excavations

1611. King James I investigated Stonehenge "to see 'The stone which the builders refused.'"
King James Version, 1611

1616. Doctor William Harvey, Gilbert North, and Inigo Jones find horns of stags and oxen, coals, charcoals, batter-dashers, heads of arrows, pieces of rusted armour, rotten bones, thuribulum (censer) pottery, and a large nail.
Long, William, 1876, Stonehenge and its Barrows. The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, Volume 16