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American Bald Eagle Information Eagle Myths, Folklore and Legends

There is an old legend that the eagle alone among animals can look into the sun. According to the translation of St. Augustine, "The sun invigorates the eyes of eagles, but injures our own."

   Athapaskan myths portrayed eagles as the deliverers of people from famine. A prince who gave an eagle a salmon during time of plenty was repaid in the lean year that followed by grateful eagles who first dragged salmon, then sea lions, and eventually whales to shore in gratitude for the prince's kindness. Such legends were probably inspired by the sight of eagle parents carrying food to their nests.

In America it is considered a

In America it is considered a symbol of our freedom. The decline of their population here is sad and they are protected. I do wonder some and I'm not sure if this symbol was one of those adopted by America similar to the way the Christian churches would adopt some of the older Pagan practices...I have had the pleasure of seeing one fly free and it was truly breathtaking!

love, light and blessings


Considering I've always

Considering I've always wanted to reincarnate as a bird, I'm not surprised they were inspiring. I'm not sure we will ever be able to conduct experiments to test their "sun induced eye invigoration"  due to the previously mentioned decline in population. If it is true, there may be other birds or related animals that could recieve the same power.

Makes me think of birds diving into the ocean and coming up for fish>> I can't even catch a fish with bait and a pole. So Majestic

MariaJosen - The birds of America have

“to see how to have one of these birds. . . “  Maria; Please, DON’T,  these wild creatures were/are never meant to be “caged/domesticated”  !!! get binoculars, and a good camera, instead, please!

Auntie G