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Patagonia’s Lost City of the Caesars


The City of the Caesars, a.k.a. the Wandering City, is a lost city that is said to have to existed somewhere in Patagonia. According to legends, it was a city rich with gold, silver, and diamonds. The inhabitants of the city are variously described as giants, shipwreck survivors, ghosts, or members of the Inca Empire. Do you think the City of the Caesars really existed? If so, who built it? Where is it?

Mayan Calendar Similar to Ancient Chinese: Early Contact?



After reading this article, I don’t think that it really presents any truly revolutionary ideas in archaeology and history. Also, I don’t think that there is any real evidence that supports the idea that the Ancient Chinese made contact with the Ancient Maya. Here are some reasons why:

Atacama Giant and Cusco Temple linked to Stone Age astronomical writing


New study of Inca temple comple shows the crazy stone pattern and the layout of the walls align to astronomical writing....

The data is similar to that seen in Columbia (Muiscan Figurines) and the Atacama Giant....

It proves that the various pyramid structures in America were constructed to the exact same astronomical design as teh Great Pyramids....