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Druids. Source: Algol / Adobe Stock.

Bizarre Facts About the Druids (Video)



The Druids, often misunderstood as mystical figures, had a key role in ancient Celtic society. The term likely referred to individuals with extensive knowledge rather than wizards. They were intellectuals exempt from military service and taxes, a privilege that attracted many. Contrary to claims of human sacrifice, there's little evidence supporting this dark image. The Druids had a unique practice of preserving heads in cedar oil after death, as they believed the soul resided in the head, signifying deep respect. Druid women held significant roles as leaders, judges, and ambassadors, in contrast to male-centric societies like the Greeks and Romans.

The Druids' oral tradition, lasting about 12 to 20 years, aimed to protect their knowledge from falling into the wrong hands, as they refrained from writing it down. The Druids had a unique connection to nature, symbolized by their reverence for oak and mistletoe. While modern scholars doubt the magical aspects associated with these symbols, they add a touch of mystique to their legacy. In exploring the Druids' world, we find a complex tapestry of knowledge, beliefs, and practices that challenge our preconceptions about these enigmatic figures from history.

Top image: Druids. Source: Algol / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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