Valley of the Kings

Many Royal Tombs Still Awaiting Discovery in Egypt's Valley of Kings

According to Egyptologists, the Valley of the Kings still contains many royal tombs and hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. Their conclusion is based on one of the most extensive exploration...
Shiv temple

Archaeologists condemn India’s Treasure Hunt based on Holy Man’s Vision

Earlier this week we reported on an excavation taking place in Uttar Pradesh, India, after Hindu swami Shobhan Sarkar relayed a dream to an Indian government minister in which the spirit of a former...
Agra Fortress

Archaeologists Dig For Treasure after Tip From Hindu Holy Man

Archaeologists have launched a furious dig for treasure beneath a 19 th century fort in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India after a well-known Hindu holy man predicted a substantial cache of...
Treasure Hunters - Metal Detectors

British Archaeologists Take on Treasure Hunters

Amateur treasure hunters armed with a metal detector and shovel are digging up valuable treasures across the UK but now archaeologists are speaking out and have accused hobbyists of damaging Britain’...
Hidden Treasure in Pyramid

Hidden Treasure May be Hidden inside Great Pyramid

Dr Zahi Hawass, the controversial former head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities under President Mubarak’s regime, has announced that there are significant discoveries still to be made in the...
Discovery at Machu Picchu blocked

Breakthrough Discovery at Machu Picchu is blocked by the Government

Any new major discovery always has to face those who control the dissemination of information in our world today, as well as those who hold the power. Unfortunately very few things go out to the...