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Ancient Technology

Artefacts, monuments, and structures that reflect ingenuity, advanced knowledge, and technological understanding ahead of their time

This is the thing about Sound

Ancient people including some of the romans were aware of the sounds we make actually representing structures.  These in fact belong to different meanings (like themes) with their own architectural styles; note the different types of ancient architecture around the world.  The roman style/theme ‘Sound is Contested’ is actually a meaning which I can get into in more detail later, these meanings can be expressed as a bit four of the others so for now I just want to say it’s a bit elven and a bit towards the grave; Eldar would be a good word.  The separate strips actually represent other meani

Archimedes Mirrors, modern research

Many of us know the legend of the burning mirror of Archimedes. When Marcellus [The Roman General] had placed the ships a bow shot off, the old man [Archimedes] constructed a sort of hexagonal mirror. He placed at proper distances from the mirror other smaller mirrors of the same kind, which were moved by means of their hinges and certain plates of metal. He placed it amid the rays of the sun at noon, both in summer and winter. The rays being reflected by this, a frightful fiery kindling was excited on the ships, and it reduced them to ashes, from the distance of a bow shot.

Incas, mystery of interlocking walls

Over the last 60 years I have read about and listened to many stories on how and why did the Incas build the interlocking walls so large. Who or what were they trying to keep out?

In the first place how did they remove the giant lumps of stone from a rock face? They did not have any machinery or explosives and they certainly did not bash it out of a rock face with a lump of stone that's ridiculuous. It is also ridiculuous that they made each intricate stone with another lump of stone and end up with that beautiful and tight fitting smooth finish.

Fast transportation at the coast line of Sibiria and Alaska with a tunnel at Bering Strait?

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as pilot I like to search pictures out of sky. If I can’t fly I am searching with google earth and bing maps. As I am not a native English speaker I have to appologize for my English.

Ancient Egypt: The Primal Age of Divine Revelation Volume I Genesis (Revised Edition)

It is a pleasure to share the Revised Edition of the original work. When it comes to the ancient Egyptian religion, this research represents the beginning of an ethical and genuine discipline. 

It is available for free download at:



Pyramids, a global phenomena

Why and how could ancient people have dragged  railway cars sized block of stone and stack them up together to form these amazing constructions? Why is it that we have found thousands of Pyramids scatter across the globe? These structures are truly a global phenomena that have puzzled archeologists for centuries.