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Ancient Egypt: The Primal Age of Divine Revelation Volume I Genesis (Revised Edition)

It is a pleasure to share the Revised Edition of the original work. When it comes to the ancient Egyptian religion, this research represents the beginning of an ethical and genuine discipline. 

It is available for free download at:


Hello Elshamy, 

Hello Elshamy, 

We have deleted you nine other identical postings. Please note that, while it is fine to share your work, the forums are not for advertising. 



Deleting postings

Hi April

Prior to posting my comment, I need to know: your post at Ancient Origins, your authority, and the definition of advertising.


I'm the editor and co-owner.

I'm the editor and co-owner.

Posting in the forums ONLY to promote one's own work, without any other participation, is advertising, as is posting the same message multiple times in different sections. 

Comment by Email

Hi April

I have been recently in contact with Dr. John S. by Email. I rather prefer to comment by email addressed to you.


Hi Mostafa, 

Hi Mostafa, 

You can email me at [email protected].


Request for approval

Dear April

I received failure notice for your email address.

It is true I am promoting my own work but not for personal gain. It is for the advantage of humanity. My work directly attunes to your mission: "Reconstructing the story of humanity's past." I dream of new generation of independent researchers who are competently able to uncover what is missing or manipulated by traditional professionals, not only in the context of ancient Egypt but rather the ancient world. I trust that my research shall motivate and inspire in that direction.

You know I am new to Ancient Origins. I have replied to comments made on my topic " Ancient Egypt: The Primal Age of Divine Revelation Volume I Genesis
It is available for free download at:
 ">First Encountering with Humans of Ancient Egypt" in religion forum. Also commented on article "The sacred symbol of the Djed Pillar" by M. R. Reese, the comment did not show, must have been disapproved.

I expect you will be kind enough to approve same topic in Manuscripts and Archaeological Discoveries, please advise.

Best regards,



why would you say  your giving it for humany, while you cant read it unless you pay for the site to read it. only an intro can be seen.

so why not giving us something right here that shows  you have something unknown before?

true i did not give anything , but ask if they wish to know. so i would not spend the time to give them insights never before revealed.