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Pyramid technology vs ITER

I am new to the pyramid technology and how it was used as energy source. Could you please explain the difference between this technology and that of ITER which is the artificial star being created using fusion? I

Pyramid technology vs ITER

ITER is a non starter because Stars do not work by fusion in the first place (the only nuclear reactions occurring are on the surface, which is a real surface & not an ‘optical illusion’ as the Standard Solar Model says – we have photographs of transverse waves rippling outwards, which can only happen on an actual surface, probably a liquid one) and in the second place fusion is the technology of the future – and it always will be. France is nowhere even close to a sustained fusion reaction that is actually under control, and the ITER project is just another name for Tokomak – which still does not work despite decades of trying & tens of billions of taxpeyer fundiong wasted – kinda like the search for ‘Dark Matter’ really, as that is also a non-starter.

As far as Pyramid Power generation goes I think the best place to start is with Christopher Dunn’s book ‘The Giza Power Plant’ and the follow-ups on his dedicated website and his forthcoming bnew book ‘GIZA: The Tesla Connection’ out in January next year.

Qui non intelligit, avt taceat, avt discat


What star is being created using fusion? 


Stars are created through a

Stars are created through a process called nuclear fusion, specifically hydrogen fusion, in their cores. This involves the conversion of hydrogen nuclei into helium, releasing a tremendous amount of energy in the form of light and heat.