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Incas, mystery of interlocking walls

Over the last 60 years I have read about and listened to many stories on how and why did the Incas build the interlocking walls so large. Who or what were they trying to keep out?

In the first place how did they remove the giant lumps of stone from a rock face? They did not have any machinery or explosives and they certainly did not bash it out of a rock face with a lump of stone that's ridiculuous. It is also ridiculuous that they made each intricate stone with another lump of stone and end up with that beautiful and tight fitting smooth finish.

There is one thing for sure, the Incas were just onlookers, they had the assistance of a far superior race. It could be said why so complicated when they could have made an interlocking wall by straight cuts in an alternating castellations style, we do know that cutting dead straight lines is common practice for them. There are plenty of examples around and to be removing 80 to100 ton stones from a rock face side, 1500 years ago they had some very advanced cutting technology, far superior to ours.

There are trillions and trillions of what we call stars in the solar system, they are all planets. Some think we were the first here, no way, and we think our technology is far superior to any other. These beings had our technology over 1,000 years ago and they still visit us to this day.

All the sceptics out there remove your heads out of the sand and see what is really happening around you.

Mr. M J T retired engineer.

You know....

There’s a few possibilities of how this was achieved. Glass-sun laser cutting and huge amounts of manpower, these could actually exist from an earlier civilization that met a catastrophic end and placed all the Americas into a Dark Age and caused all the schisms, there’s the possibility the stones were already present and carved to interlock  when they were already one whole piece and only slightly rearranged, there’s the possibility it’s a hoax set on occupying and entertaining the masses, there’s the possibility that mastodons were once used to move the stones. Occam’s razor is the simplest explanation is often the best one, so how would you most easily achieve that and it’s probably the way. There’s the giants aide theory, there’s really no way to know how they did it but I imagine it wasn’t aliens and it wasn’t cross-atlantic intuition. They could’ve just ground and resmelted giant rocks clump by clump in a very neatly done fashion, making it Inca era dating when it’s actually a lot older. 

Lets face it, we have no

Lets face it, we have no concept of the technology used to produce the cyclopean walls. Rock hammers and copper chisels and multiple fittings just don’t make sense. The Inca told the Spanish conquerors they did not build them, that they were there long before.

Just watched a program on Geographic channel last night which had the Inca building them – how wrong to push that agenda simply because they can’t explain it any other way. They just can’t be honest and say they are not sure. I’m not convinced aliens did it or even helped, but what about the possibility of an advanced civilization many thousands of years ago that was wiped out by some calamity? Lack of artifacts to support that? A lot of Ooparts are discounted because mainstream archealogy just can’t believe the provenance, or discredits it because it does not agree with their theories.

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