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Pyramids, a global phenomena

Why and how could ancient people have dragged  railway cars sized block of stone and stack them up together to form these amazing constructions? Why is it that we have found thousands of Pyramids scatter across the globe? These structures are truly a global phenomena that have puzzled archeologists for centuries.

Believed to be the oldest and largest of Egypt’s three great pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Giza is a miracle of engineering and is believed to have been constructed in a twenty year period. What this would mean is that the Egyptians had to cut, transport and put into place, one stone every nine seconds to achieve the construction of this great project in the given time.


I always feel like we've

I always feel like we've learned so much from the Pyramids, but there's also so much more to learn and it's like I'm getting impatient. I want to get there. I want to know what else they have to offer!

love, light and blessings


Everything reminds me of the

Everything reminds me of the Celestine Prophecy. Imagine the kind of energy emitting from such structure? They must hold massive amounts of power absorbed from the universe.

no such thing pal

no such thing pal

It's all connected

I recently did an interview with Dr. Semir Osmanagic, the leading archaeologist of the Bosnian Pyramids. He explained a lot of things that most of us do not known. For example what I find extremly interesting is that beneath the Pyramids in Bosnia an underground lake was found, and I quote:

" even underground lakes have been found in the area. Energy screenings show that the ionization level has over 43,000 negative ions which is about 200 times higher than the average concentration which makes these underground chambers display healing properties."



Healing properties!No such

Healing properties!No such thing.Go see a doctor if you need healing.

Pyramids, a global phenomena

Never heard of Bosnia Pyramids before, but I heard stories about pyramids having healing powers :D I don't really belive in it but my friend did  built glass pyramid in his back yard. With small chamber and single bed in the middle of it, and I must say it did miracles for hangover :D And anybodu who ever drank 2 pints of russian/polish 70% strong moonshine knows about hell of next day hangover ;P

Enigma of Interior Design of the Great Pyramid

The enigmatic interior design is the topic I have been investigating for over 13 years and continuing. Volume II of my research titled: Ancient Egypt: The Primal Age of Divine Revelation contains a considerable part for the Great Pyramed. The outcome reveals the mysteries inside, confirmed by evidential and indisputable evidence. In that part, the conventional and mainstream theories of Egyptologists are totally refuted. It is early to discuss any of the origial discoveries. Those who have visited the Pyramid have only seen the great enclosure. Those who will visit the Pyramid in the future, after knowing what he means for humanity, shall be haunted by its mystery for lifetime. 

Pyramids, a global phenomena

The most fascinating thing about Pyramids is that they are everywhere. And following life evolution theory it would be logical, tha pyramid building technology spread as humas migrated to different parts of the world. But if that was the case...the oldest pyramids should be in Egypt, as humans are supposed to migrate from Africa. But Egyptian ones even if most famous, are not the oldest.

Civilisations who built pyramids around the world where not only parted by distance but time as well. So how could it happen independently in so many cultures?

That's for me the biggest mystery of pyramids.....


But now, when there are evidence that even life could have evolved more than once, I can belive idea of pyramid building could have been invented independently in different cultures.


After all China knew gun powder long before Eurpoean superpowers, and if I remember well asfalt was used in Ancient Egypt.

Once upon a time we thought

Once upon a time we thought pyramids only existed in Egypt but then we began to discover them all over the world.  Of course they couldn't be explained so they were dismissed as "burial chambers."  It has been suggested that they were power plants or part of a global power grid in ancient times.  If this is so then they would be something like Tesla envisioned with his towers and free global electricity which was an idea shut down by the infamous, rich, and powerful JP Morgan who pulled his financing from Tesla.  God forbid the people of the world have free electric or anything else for that matter!  Personally I agree with Tesla.

IF these pyramids were part of some global power grid or some type of power plants then human history must be rewritten as our ancestors could no longer be assumed to be the "savages" we have been told they were.  I strongly suspect WE are the real savages, not our ancestors!


When will volume II be

When will volume II be published?


There have been several reports on the use of sound .frequency vibrations in Bosnian pyramids in the red pyramid in Egypt snd in the healing chambers of Ephesus. I believe the ancients had some knowledge that we have obviously forgotten until now.We still need to  do more to find out what they knew and how they did it, Frequency and vibration also can change your DNA I wonder if they knew that too?


Nisa Carroll Burkay

 I also think that sound,

 I also think that sound, that is, wavelengths, could have been a medium for some ancient and yet , unrediscoved technology. When you watch how fluids react to soundwaves you can see the shapes changing according to frequency range. What is also amazing is how simple things like water are effected by wavelengths. Water exposed to different sounds before being frozen show a slightly different crystaline structure from another. This topic is one of the most believable of the "Esoteric Sciences"to my mind.

Pyramids a Global Phenomena

In my opinion, the finding of pyramids all over the world is an indication of a connected culture. A culture advanced enough to have communication between areas separated by thousands of miles of large land masses, great mountain ranges, and vast oceans.

Structures such as these, with such similar styles, and geographic orientation simply could not have appeared independently in such far-flung parts of the planet as China, Bosnia, Egypt, and Mexico, to name only a few. I believe that any other conclusion is illogical at best, and a deliberate effort by the scientific community to avoid anything which goes against the current accepted theory.

R. Lee Bowers


The “Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley” is an area of lush green countryside in the province of Lecco, 30 km north of Milan. Within the Curone Valley there are three limestone hills, each betwween 40 and 50 metres high, which have been “modelled” into the shape of pyramids. 

  1. There was a population of farmers who, around 3500-3300 BC began modelling three pyramid-shaped limestone hills in the valley of Montevecchia Regional Park.
  2. They modelled the slopes and the edges of these hills to an inclination of approximately 23 degrees.
  3. All three Pyramids are oriented towards the Est (the local astronomical East) to within an accuracy of 0.5 degrees.
  4. The walls of each pyramids are at right angles to each other, and the pyramids are all pointing East, so this means that all three pyramids are also parallel and at right angles to each other.
  5. The tops of three Pyramids seem to be arranges in a pattern that reflects the layout of three stars in Orion’s Belt.
  6. The complex was never completed: it was left unfinished. In fact, the first pyramids-shaped hill has three finished sides, the second has two, and the third only one (the one facing East, so the most important one).
  7. The work was interrupted on 29th June, 3123 BC, the exact date when a 1,5km meteorite known as the Koefel asteroid crashed into the Austrian Alps leaving the entire Po Valley, including the Mntevecchia area, impraticable for farming.
  8. The people who “modelled” the hills then moved further south in searc of new land to farm, subsequently settling in Lazio and in Sardinia, where there are other pyramid-shaped buildings.
  9. There are many indications that the “proto-Egyptians” were in contact with the civilizations who lived in Northern Italy, and they could have heard about this cataclysmic event (Koefel’sasteroid).
  10. A few decades later the Egyptians “invented” their own symbols (proto-hieroglyphs) and the Sun God (RA) is represented as almost identical to the tricudate sun in the stone found in Ello in the Province of Lecco. This confirms that they knew about these places and frequented them. At that time, the three hills were exactly the same shape as they are today because they had been partially modelled into pyramids. However, they hadn’t yet been covered with vegetation, so their carved limestone walls stood out white against the green landscape and they could be seen for miles around.                                                    
  11. Then 600 years later, Imothep “designed” and built the first Egyptian stepped pyramid at Saqqara. 
This is actually a big

This is actually a big dilemma, because many opinions exist around it. For example, when I visited Egypt, a really expert tour guide told me that they were built with extraordinary efforts.

Pyramids were ancient water

Pyramids were ancient water pumps.  Their mass and cardinal direction orientation served to pull water up from the fresh water aquifers that they were ALL built over.  At the bottom of the Great Pyramid lies a more primitive (crude) stone lined aquifer, suggesting that the structure was built progressively, probably as the water table dropped from over-use early on.  More mass means more gravitation upward pull power.  Pyramids are almost certainly all Atlantean era or before construction.  Adding the missing zero back to Plato’s Atlantis timeline puts it’s destruction at 115k BC, at the very start of the Ice Age, which came on suddenly, and left the surface of the Earth peppered with many megalith stone ruins, which were later resettled by so-called ‘modern man’ and claimed as their own.  That probably started the dubious his-stories, namely that the ruins were built by those people, but somehow fell into ruin and were never repaired.  But that doesn’t add up, and now most of archaeological theory is just a big, ugly, leaning house of cards.  As for how the ancients built them, just understand that only non-ferrous metals would survive all those tens of thousands of years, through the Ice Age, laying there.  Anything of iron would be gone.  And there were also mammoths alive at the time, which were probably employed as draft animals for the heavy work.  But they may have also had iron motors of sorts, which again, would not have survived all that time.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.