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Fast transportation at the coast line of Sibiria and Alaska with a tunnel at Bering Strait?

Dear members,

as pilot I like to search pictures out of sky. If I can’t fly I am searching with google earth and bing maps. As I am not a native English speaker I have to appologize for my English.

As some theories are existing that the high technologie came from the north I was checking out the coastlines of Sibiria and Alaska. I was really thrilled about what I saw. The complete costline is straighten up. Large parts of the coastlines are far in the ocean. The dam is about 50 up to 500 m wide and approximatly 4000 km long. If you follow the coastline in the north of Sibiria down to the Bering Strait everything is ending there. At the Bering Strait you can also recognize on the russian side small darker tracks, which lead to the countryside in the direction of China.

By assuming that the coastlines have been straightened in order to establish highspeed connections between Europe, the north of Sibiria over thousands of kilometers the connection will only make sence if there was a running tunnel or other connection between at the Bering Strait. First I searched for the levels of elevation of the continents in order to be sure that the structures could be old. As the plate of Alaska and the part of Sibiria also was rising up more than 12 m it can very well be that only in the north we still can see the original coast lines.

Than I checked the Alaska side. Also the same can be recognized. All the coastlines are covered with the same structures like in Sibiria. Everything ends also at the Bering Strait. The broader part look very similar to waiting areas of the Eurotunnel  between England and France. Than you will see rockformation with two possible tunnel entrances in the middle and two further back on each side. On the Russian side the possible tunnel entrances can only be in the north and have 4 sqared double tubes. As the resolution at google earth and bing satelite is really bad  the assumption is based on the visible infrastructure. If you are interested take a look at my private homepage at . You might also find other intersting parts like the earth shaping art which indicate that former civilization has found ways to use the orbit. The Nasca – Lines are a good indication of mass transportation systems based on railgun technologie. 

Everything is seen with a questionmark and I might be mistaken. But the more I search the more question I have. Hopefully there will be scientific answeres in my lifetime.