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Bas relief at Nagsh-e-rostam showing the investiture of Ardashir I, Province du Fars, Iran. Source: Fabienkhan/CC BY-SA 2.5

The Parthian Empire: Rome’s Greatest Enemy (Video)

The Parthian Empire, successor to the Persian legacy, emerged in 238 BC, springing from the Parni tribe's conquest of Parthia in modern-day northeastern Iran. Although initially subdued by the...
Mount Nemrut, Apex Of The Kingdom Of Commagene

Mount Nemrut, Apex Of The Kingdom Of Commagene

Crowned by Mount Nemrut , the territory of the Kingdom of Commagene, landlocked by Syria on the south, Cilicia on the west, Cappadocia on the north-west, Sophene on the north-east and Osroene on the...
A view of the excavations of the main quadrangle of the Uzundara fortress in 2021.   Source: Institute of Archaeology RAS

First Excavations at 2,300-Year-Old Bactria Kingdom Fortress Completed

In the Boysun region of southeastern Uzbekistan, a joint Russian-Uzbek archaeological expedition recently achieved an historic first . They have just finished their initial round of excavations at an...
Hegmataneh hill, Hamadan City, Iran, where the new Iranian Median Empire discoveries were made Source: IRNA

New Digs Provide Insights into the Median Empire and Capital

The Median Empire and the Medes people are one of the most important in the ancient world. However, relatively little is known about them or their capital city, thought to be Ecbatana. Now, Iranian...
Archaeologists examine the remains of an ancient fortress off the coast of Dor Beach, Israel, March 19, 2019. Credit: Hagai Nativ / Haaretz

Underwater Fortress Found: Ancient Fort Linked to Bloody Biblical Battles Found Off Coast of Israel

Underwater archaeology is helping to transform our knowledge of the ancient world. In Israel, maritime archaeologists have discovered a 2,200-year-old Hellenistic fortress linked to biblical battles...
Coin of Mithridates I of Parthia (Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.and illustration depicting a sacrifice being made on behalf of a family, by the chief priest Conon and two assistants, first century AD. Graeco-Iranian style

Mithridates Clashes with Kings and Swallows up Territory: The ‘King of Kings’ of Ancient Iran — Part II

Mithridates (“The Gift of Mithra) exhibited qualities that most kings rarely have: experience and maturity. He understood that a king could retain his power only as long as the people and nobles were...
Coin of Mithridates I of Parthia (Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. and Relief of Mithridates I at Xong-e Ashdar in Izeh, Khuzestān ;Deriv.

Mithridates Stalks His Prey, and Strikes a Killing Blow: The ‘King of Kings’ of Ancient Iran

Mithridates exhibited qualities that most kings rarely have: experience and maturity. Even Phraates passed over his own sons for his qualified brother to be next in line. Mithridates I (r. 171-138...
2,300-year-old rural town in Israel

2,300-year-old rural town uncovered in Israel

Excavations on the outskirts of Jerusalem have revealed the remains of an ancient rural village that dates back to the Second Temple period, which lasted between 530 BC and 70 AD, and refers to the...