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Richard III

Opening the Medieval Stone Coffin at Richard III Burial Site. Source: YouTube Screenshot / University of Leicester.

Opening the Medieval Stone Coffin at the Richard III Burial Site? (Video)

In 2012, archaeologists made a stunning discovery in a parking lot in Leicester, England - the remains of King Richard III , one of the most infamous and controversial figures in British history ...
Detail from theatre poster for Jane Shore at Royal Princess' Theatre in Edinburgh, December 1885. Source: Public domain

Royal Mistress Jane Shore Walked Streets of London in her Underwear

Elizabeth "Jane" Shore was a fiery and charismatic Englishwoman who made a name for herself as one of the many sultry mistresses of the handsome and powerful English king, Edward IV. With her...
King Henry VI of England genetically engineered Henry Tudor for the English throne. Source: KIFOR PRODUCTION / Adobe Stock

How Henry VI Genetically Engineered Henry Tudor for the Throne

The year was 1453 and Henry VI, King of England, was having what could be reasonably called an annus horribilis . His sanity was unsteady and his leadership and decision-making capabilities were even...
A female, crowned, royal occult practitioner with a magical raven. Source: Petro / Adobe Stock

Royals and the Occult: Witchcraft, Astrology, and Mystical Healing

We often talk about the modern world’s obsession with celebrities. People love to talk about the rich and famous. This is nothing new. It’s been a part of human nature since time immemorial. Before...
The traditional belief is that the princes, Edward V and Prince Richard, were executed under orders from Richard III. (Public domain)

Richard III Not Guilty of Murdering His Nephews, Researchers Conclude

Many historians have suspected the last British monarch from the House of York was responsible for the dastardly deed of having ordered the execution of his two young nephews in 1483, in an attempt...
The Tower of London, where King Edward V, and the Duke of York were killed by Richard III or someone else.		Source: rpbmedia / Adobe Stock

Why Did Richard III Spare Edward, Earl of Warwick?

We’ve all heard the tale of the Princes in the Tower, the young sons of Edward IV who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the Tower of London in 1483, presumed murdered, only to be...
Buffy and Ian Bailey and the miniature gold bible that Buffy found with her metal detector in North Yorkshire, England.	Source: Buffy Bailey / Norgie Pal Twitter

Medieval Miniature Gold Bible Found Near King Richard III’s Castle

A tiny gold Bible associated with England’s 15th century King Richard III has been recovered by a metal detectorist in York. The discoverer, however, was no seasoned explorer or dirty nailed...
Princes in the Tower Were Murdered by Richard III, Concludes Historian

Princes in the Tower Were Murdered by Richard III, Concludes Historian

Evidence has emerged that may have solved one of the world’s longest-standing murder mysteries. The Huddersfield University professor, Tim Thornton, believes that his recent discoveries have...
Unique lead coffin found under a parking lot in Leicester, England has been opened to reveal the skeleton of an unknown elderly woman.

Lady in Lead: Coffin found at Grey Friars near King Richard III opened, revealing mystery woman

Archaeologists have been met with surprise upon surprise as they excavate coffins and remains found at the medieval grave site of England’s King Richard III. The opening of a unique lead coffin found...
Spinal of King Richard III

Scientists unravel mystery spinal condition of King Richard III

Research led by the University of Leicester, working with the University of Cambridge, Loughborough University and University Hospitals of Leicester, has finally uncovered the truth about Richard III...