Stonehenge was one of the feasting destinations of the pigs.

Prehistoric Britons Brought Pigs From As Far As Scotland For Stonehenge Feasts

New findings suggest ancient people in the late Neolithic period travelled hundreds of kilometers across Britain’s wild landscapes to attend great feasts and festivals at stone circles in Wiltshire...
Dogs of War: Ancient History of Animals in Warfare

Dogs of War: Ancient History of Animals in Warfare

Man and beast have partnered for various reasons over tens of thousands of years—almost always for food or protection. The dirty history of animals in warfare is sometimes inspiring, sometimes...
stone age domesticated pigs

Stone Age Hunters Brought Home the Bacon

New research published in the journal Nature Communications has suggested that Stone Age hunter-gatherers in Europe may have been trading pigs with settled farmers as early as 5,000 BC. It is the...
Pig Chimpanzees Hybrids = Humans

Geneticist Suggests Humans Could be Hybrids

A new study conducted by well-known geneticist, Dr Eugene McCarthy, has controversially suggested that traits distinguishing chimpanzees from humans consistently connect with pigs and that Homo...