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The Great Pyramid of Giza: A Modern View on Ancient Knowledge, Air and Fire – Part II

The Great Pyramid of Giza: A Modern View on Ancient Knowledge, Air and Fire – Part II

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The water was pushed via the Sphinx into the Great Pyramid under great pressure and filled up the lower part of the interior system. After closing the water supply a special return valve fell back into its closed position and ensured that a strong vacuum could emerge above the water surface inside the hermetically sealed pyramid. In accordance with physics, the water starts to boil without the application of heat and the complete interior system of the pyramid will be filled with the water vapor thus formed. The process is now preparing for the next step, which is the confluence of the elements Water and Air; the influence of vibration on water molecules.


The element Air

The number of vibrations or changes in air pressure, per unit of time, is expressed in hertz (Hz) and audible as sound to the human ear from around 16 to 16,000 hertz. The science that deals with the study of sound is called acoustics and an important element of such is the influence of a given space on sound and sound reverberation. Researchers and visitors to the Grand Gallery and King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid experienced, and still experience, an extraordinary reverberation of sound resulting from the resonance of sound waves, which is not an accidental feature. The dimensions of the King's Chamber are carefully chosen in order to create a standing or stationary wave as a result of the phenomenon of sound resonance. The corresponding frequency is called the resonant frequency for such a specific space or object.

The Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pprevos/CC BY-SA 3.0)

In 1952, Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974), a German professor of physics, discovered that resonating electromagnetic waves with a frequency of around 8 hertz could be measured in the Earth's atmosphere. This natural phenomenon is called the Schumann resonance frequency and mainly occurs when electricity discharges in the so-called 'closed waveguide' between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The predominant standing wave of this low frequency resonance effect has a frequency of 7.83 hertz; the 'heartbeat' or 'voice' of Mother Earth. The average between the calculated and measured frequency for the latitude of Giza is 8.1 hertz and this is the exact frequency captured by the 'antenna of Giza,' being one of the characteristics of the shape of the Great Pyramid. The King's Chamber was built to resonate on a certain frequency, which is the exact octave or second harmonic of the ground frequency (first harmonic) of 8.1 hertz; the keynote of Mother Earth.

The 8.1 hertz frequency was transferred to the King's Chamber after being amplified inside the Ante Chamber, in which the sound was forced to travel a longer distance. The exact measurements of the King's Chamber made it possible to 'capture' the second harmonic of 8.1 hertz and this resulted in the creation of the necessary standing wave with a resonant frequency of 16.2 hertz; the 'Golden Frequency of Giza.'

Diagram of the interior structures of the Great Pyramid.

Diagram of the interior structures of the Great Pyramid. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The King's Chamber was built to resonate freely and this resulted in a huge mechanical and electrifying force inside this chamber, further reinforced by the piezoelectric effect which arose from the vibrating quartz crystals in the Aswan granite.

The sound energy is at its maximum in the middle of the chamber because of the physical characteristics of the alternating pattern of nodes and anti-nodes in a standing wave.

The gathering of the elements - the science of the ancients

The gathering of the elements - the science of the ancients (Image © Willem Witteveen)

The element Fire

Dr. Andrija K. Puharich (1918-1995), born in Chicago, was a physician, inventor and parapsychologist with numerous patents of inventions in the medical field to his name. He was a great admirer of Nikola Tesla for his research on low frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF) in the early 20th century. One of his most important inventions, which relates to the Great Pyramid, is the splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by means of a critical resonance in these molecules induced by strong alternating currents.

The water (vapor) inside the King's Chamber was decomposed by powerful resonance in combination with the accompanying piezoelectric effect within the quartz crystals.

"Dr. Andrija Puharich has found a way to split water molecules by tuning in to the vibrations of their atoms and breaking the molecules into hydrogen, which could become fuel, and oxygen"

- Vangard Sciences/KeelyNet

The next step in the production of energy took place in the two 21-cm square shafts in the Queen's Chamber which were blocked at the end by a 'door' equipped with two handles or electrodes, which are still present. These shafts were also filled with the oxyhydrogen gas mixture, which was produced in the King's Chamber above, and may now be identified as fuel cells in which chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

A fuel cell is based on the principle of reverse electrolysis, and fuel cells without a membrane, such as the shafts in the Queen's Chamber, are called oxy-hydrogen cells. In these fuel cells a reverse reaction takes place: chemical energy is converted into electrical energy and heat, releasing water as a residue.

Each field of science is represented in the construction of the Great Pyramid: astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, alchemy and even medicine by allowing us to experience the positive effects of resonance and vibration on damaged or diseased body cells.

"The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size"

- Albert Einstein

The book on which this summary is based, will hopefully contribute to the perception of a growing group of people; a perception which is defined solely by logic and intuition rather than entrenched dogma. It is never too late to honor and respect the ancients for their amazing legacy. They determine our future in every aspect and the same applies to the global indigenous peoples of today as the key inheritors of the knowledge of the ancient world.

A new vision.

A new vision. (Image © Willem Witteveen)

Willem Witteveen has been published in several excellent magazines and on various websites and his book, The Great Pyramid of Giza – a modern view on ancient knowledge is available now. You can learn more about Ancient Egyptian Connections and Witteveen’s work at his website


Top Image: Deriv; Pyramids at the Giza Plateau, Egypt (CC BY-SA 3.0) and Fire and Air (Public Domain)

By Willem Witteveen



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Thanks so much for an incredible article and news of the coming revelations due to the latest pyramid tests. As I am a social scientist much of your article is a bit over my head, especially the law of physics which allows water to boil without heat. I suspect this has something to do with the specifics of the hertz applied. I am also curious as to the mention of a hydrolic system associated with the Sphinx. It would seem you conclude the pyramids are massive hydrogen generators. My intuition has told me these structures were some sort of generator and now it is confirmed by you. Thank you. I also sense from your writing a deep respect for the ancients as is my own regard. The question is what were these generators used for...or could it be they were prepared in advance for our use? Your response would be deeply appreciated.

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Willem Witteveen

Willem Witteveen (1957) studied nautical sciences and engineering, then spent 15 years as a navigational officer on merchant vessels, followed by 25 years as a maritime pilot in the port of Rotterdam. His background in navigational sciences, together... Read More

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