Colony Earth - Rig Veda

Colony Earth and The Rig Veda - Part I

Earth is only one of hundreds of colonies in our galaxy, which is home to 100 billion alien planets. Now is the time for this self-evident truth to be accepted! Planet Earth is a Sacred Cosmic Life...
Selection of Paracas Elongated Skulls

Elongated Human Skulls Of Peru: Possible Evidence Of A Lost Human Species?

Four hours drive south of Lima Peru one finds the Paracas Peninsula, part of which is an ecological reserve, where one can see wildlife such as sea lions, and a myriad of various sea bird species...
The Limits of Archaeology

Is Archaeology Sufficient to Provide Answers?

Modern day archaeology has assumed the role of supreme judge of what is true and what is not in relation to our past. It considers itself to be the ‘Status Quo’ and no one can go against it. Yet as...
William Bramley Interview - The Gods of Eden

A very interesting Interview with William Bramley

William Bramley , author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory, Gods of Eden , has given an exclusive interview for the readers of Ancient-Origins. In this interview he...
Alien Traits

Could Aliens be among us?

Both Ancient-origins and myself just started following each other on Twitter and I asked a question on Ancient-origins twitter feed regarding whether aliens could be among us with trying to explain...