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Alien Traits

Could Aliens be among us?

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Both Ancient-origins and myself just started following each other on Twitter and I asked a question on Ancient-origins twitter feed regarding whether aliens could be among us with trying to explain away any physical traits away as cause and effect such as quitting cigarette smoking and pointy ears. I wanted to reply back on twitter with the reason why I asked but it was longer than the 140 characters that twitter allows.

The reason why I asked the question is due to having run into this guy when I was a kid that had pointy ears and stating that everyone who smokes end up with pointy ears if they quit smoking. I know that this isn't true where I know that it can't happen. I have always thought he was a Mr. Spock of Star Trek fan but I've wondered off and on as why he would use quitting cigarette smoking as the reason for his pointy ears. What had made me notice him in the first place was he wasn't dressed for the weather. it was roughly 0 Celsius/32 Fahrenheit yet he was dressed he had clothes on that were meant for a cool day not a cold day.

Sean D.



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Hello Sean, 

Interesting question. I don’t know about your childhood experience but some researchers do believe that there are extra-terrestrials among us. For example, William Bramley, author of Gods of Eden, did extensive research of the records related to the Black Plague in 14th Century Europe and provides evidence for extra-terrestrial involvement with numerous descriptions of tall humanlike figures dressed in black seen on the outskirts of a town or village immediately before the outbreak of an epidemic. People who had no contact with each other provided the same description of the appearance of these figures.  Bramley goes on to describe his theory for extra-terrestrial involvement in human events from the ancient past right up to the present day. I would highly recommend this book if you are interested in this topic. 

The Disclosure Project is also quite interesting – it involves many hours of video testimony from retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers regarding direct contact with extra-terrestrials on earth.

As for the pointy ears, I have not heard this description before. I suppose it is possible for a regular human being to have misshaped ears. However, having done extensive reading on the subject of extra-terrestrials, I am open to all possibilities! 



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