I am open to the possibility that extra-terrestrials visited ...


Dear Editor,

I am open to the possibility that extra-terrestrials visited earth in ancient times and influenced the cultures and traditions of human beings from those times, especially a fter seeing the cave drawings that are thousands of years old and the images do not look like ordinary human beings.  But if such a major thing happened throughout the world all those centuries ago, how is it possible for this not to be common knowledge now? It would be impossible to hide something like this. Surely archaeologists would have found enough evidence to prove it if this were the case.  And if lots of evidence was found, across many countries around the world, how could this be covered up on such a huge scale? Perhaps one government of one country may think such knowledge should be kept from citizens but could all governments in all countries really keep such a secret?

I am interested in your views.



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Dear JS,

Thank you for your email. Your question is very logical and raises a few issues that each one of us shall contemplate. Let's consider for a moment that governments come out and say that they have found evidence that the history of humanity is completely different from what we know and even that beings of extra-terrestrial origin have interfered with our history. What would a statement like this mean for the whole world?

First of all most of the major religions could collapse, many beliefs deep in the mind of the majority of the human beings will be shaken to their foundations. Social structure would change and even the purpose of life would be dramatically altered.

No one would like a change like this, since a lot is at stake. There is only one way that this information could come out publicly. In a gradual organized way so that people will digest the idea and all religions/institutions will have the time to adjust accordingly.

So it seems that they consider that the best way at the moment is for the truth to be hidden from the majority of people, and a common way to hide a big truth nowadays with the internet is in plain view.

Some believe that that the process of gradually getting people used to the idea has already started - even the Vatican has publicly discussed that visitations from extra-terrestrials is a very real possibility.


Ancient-Origins Editor

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