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V. Susan Ferguson

Born in 1945 in the Lone Star State, I left to try my wings in New York City art school in 1964. It was around this time that I first learned about the spiritual path and began a life long practice of meditating, reading 100s of books on metaphysics from a multitude of sources, and studied in various ashrams. I also taught myself the science of astrology, but never as a profession. I have lived most of my adult life in NYC, but I traveled, constantly moving and living in many places on this planet. I currently reside in the green rolling hills of New Zealand.

In 1995 I wrote and self-published two books: 'Inanna Returns' and 'Inanna Hyper-Luminal' that were based on a six month period of visions of the colonization of planet Earth by ETs, triggered by reading the Z. Sitchin series. Later I returned to NYC and was there for 9/11. By 2004 I moved to the country, the 'forest' alone and isolated to study intensively the Sanskrit texts, especially the Bhagavad Gita, The Mahabharata, The Shiva Sutras, various Upanishads and Puranas.

In 2008 I began to teach myself Sanskrit. The Rig Veda is the source of all the other Sanskrit wisdom, thus I read everything I could find about the Rig Veda and slowly in sincere humility attempted my own 'rendered' translations. I never expected the Rig Veda to lead me right back into the extraterrestrial question — but I could not ignore what I found.  It is my hope that others will begin to unearth the gems in the Rig Veda, which I believe hold the key and answer to our ancient ancestors.


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