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ETs and our Moon

Who the ETs are & What is up there on our Moon? Part II

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The American Indians used to say that the Moon is a crazy man who runs all over the sky. If over time you have ever watched the Moon move across the sky, you will have noticed that every night its path changes considerably. The region of the sky that has been displaced by the moon’s eastward movement in one day is called a Nakshatra (Sanskrit). The moon passes through these Nakshatras, which are all constellations. For example Arcturus, Altair, the Pleiades, Regulus, etc. and these constellations that might be identified as the source of the interfering ET races that are carrying on their interactions with humanity in terms of influencing our consciousness, offering technology in exchange for DNA, and engaging in the ongoing hybridization programs based on countless abduction reports.

The universe is a temporal illusory hologram made up of varying frequencies as waveforms. Let’s imagine that our Moon is in fact an artificial satellite designed as a sort of command center for the ETs to emit specific waveforms onto our planet, for a variety of reasons, and also to observe. The satellite could be programmed to have an orbit that would pass through the various constellations involved in order to allow their individual frequency waveforms to permeate the planet through the Moon, which as a giant emitter transmits these selected frequencies down onto our planet and us. In other words the Moon would serve as a sort of two-way inter-dimensional radio between Earth and these rest of the universe, specifically those ‘alien’ cultures that have an interest in us.

Others have suggested this idea that the Moon is a transmitter of frequencies. Perhaps in the earlier cycles of time, this operation was controlled by the more highly evolved and benevolent beings. However it may be likely that during the Kali Yuga, command and control of the emitters on the Moon were lost to the Darkside – an unintended consequence and side effect of the Wars in the Heavens.

Certainly these aliens would not wish to have our military in any form snooping around their technologies on the Moon. And if Ingo Swan’s report is accurate, this unfriendly attitude is confirmed. Ingo Swann is the original remote view-er and worked with The Stanford Research Institute, SRI, and many government agencies for years. In his book Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, Swann tells of his involvement with a very secret government agency that asked him to remote view the dark side of the Earth's Moon. He saw extensive buildings, roads, and human forms digging. Swann makes it very clear that our government is very much intimidated by these ETs. He says to the government agent: "They've somehow got you by the balls, haven't they? That's why you are resorting to psychic perceptions...They are NOT friendly are they?"

On reflection this does not indicate that if there are in fact aliens living on our Moon, they are necessarily evil. Would you want any of the earth-side military in your house or backyard? Even if the beings are very highly evolved, say Etherians or other enlightened entities - it is realistic to imagine that they might prefer their privacy.

My understanding is that these beings do have the ability to materialize in our dimension and if there is ‘solid’ evidence, such as craft or other technology, then they must have either been trapped here or intentionally entered our waveform frequencies. No one has ever shown us the credible physical remains of an extraterrestrial. Yes, I have seen that film of the alien operation. But let us agree that we have been inundated with so much disinformation on all aspects of the subject of the ETs that there is very little we can believe with any confidence. If we no longer trust our governments, the blame sits directly on their shoulders for lying to us for over 50 years, when half of us have seen UFOs with our own eyes.

Every UFO that I have ever seen was either somewhat etheric in nature or its apparent ‘solidity’ defied natural laws by its ability to achieve instantaneous speed, or it disappeared in front of me. I assume they move in and out of our dimension. All of the ‘beings’ I have ever seen or been in communication with, were experienced through the Eye of my Mind, and/or were of translucent and transparent light, never solid flesh & blood beings.

So where is there any evidence that all these beings are anything other than hyper-dimensional metaphysical ‘astral’ entities? I doubt that any threat-assessment-minded secret government agency would have the slightest clue about metaphysical truth.

Swann also describes his encounter with a live alien in a Los Angeles supermarket and confirms that ET civilization has been infiltrating the Earth in humanoid bodies. Swann's friends warn him: "There are a lot of THEM, you know, and many of them are bio-androids...they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies."

The metaphysical reality seems to be that they can and do incarnate into human bodies, but that they are not successful at transplanting the human experience and our genome in their bodies. This universe just isn’t designed that way.

We are All ETs!

The implications of these metaphysical understandings from their Sanskrit sources might lead to the conclusion that because every human being here on planet earth has spent time in the various Loka-worlds - the other dimensions as planetary realities - we are all thus in fact ETs.

This idea that there are many groupings of extraterrestrial beings all incarnating over and over here on third dimensional planet earth opens up a new perspective on the ET phenomena and can explain many mysteries. Consider how different we all are. Perhaps the racial diversity around our planet reflects these various myriad Loka-worlds, meaning the extraterrestrials on millions of other planets. This could also explain the vast complex differences in belief systems, and why so many of us sadly misunderstand and hate each other. In a sense, we really do come from different planets.

It also might explain why there is such a rush for entrainment as the various ETs groups must be calling their own to return to them when the final dissolution of this world occurs. Religions, cults, and every kind of belief system are springing up - and more will emerge the closer we get to the end. Those entities that are more conscious of their origins could be anywhere, in any institution acting upon their point of view, their agenda ---seeking to gather their own in what may be termed a ‘harvesting of souls’!

Time is simultaneous. Even when the illusion of time apparently ends, within these Loka-worlds there will still be temporal holographic durations available for the completion of residual experiences. To each his own!

Toward the close of the four yugas, in the Twilight of the Kali, the Veils begin to come down and what has been hidden is revealed.

By V. Susan Ferguson (


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The "dark side of the moon"(i.e., the side that never faces the earth because the moon is tidally locked) has been repeatedly and painstakingly imaged in high resolution by the Lunar Orbital Camera. These many thousands of massive, high-res images are available online for perusal by anyone.
Presumably, the sprawling bases Mr. Swann claims to have remote viewed are not visible with normal optics, as they do not show up in the LOC images.

Or they could have been manually edited out of the publicly available images, I suppose...though why NASA would want to do that when such images would cause their budget to be increased by several orders of magnitude and bring them back to the forefront like in the Apollo days, I don't know. Maybe they don't want that, for some reason.

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V. Susan Ferguson

Born in 1945 in the Lone Star State, I left to try my wings in New York City art school in 1964. It was around this time that I first learned about the spiritual path and began... Read More

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