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Manhar Sharma

Sharma is a IT professional, blogger, and mythologist. Manhar has worked with some of the top MNCs in his IT career and holds a master's degree in Computer Science. Manhar has a strong passion for Vedic literature and has spent almost a decade studying books on Indian scriptures. Manhar has written a book on Hinduism, " Beyond the Credence " which was published by one of India's leading publishers. Manhar has published multiple articles, blogs on Hinduism which is published in many portals & magazines.


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Worshipped by Millions: The Sacred River Ganges

Worshipped by Millions: The Sacred River Ganges

Why is the Ganges so significant and sacred in Hinduism? Many rivers have nourished humans in our boundless history, and some of the greatest ancient civilizations have been born on the banks of...
Deciphering the Deities of Hinduism

Deciphering the Deities of Hinduism

There are no ancient civilizations that have not practiced some kind of religion. When we study the history of the oldest and the earliest civilizations, we do not find exact dates or traces of...