Marine Archaeologists Retrieve New Treasures at the Elgin Marbles Shipwreck
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 17:27

Marine archaeologists have recently added to the collection of valuable finds at the Elgin Marbles shipwreck. A remarkable collection of artifacts has been discovered when they were revisiting the Mentor shipwreck.

Some of the twenty coffins found in the Assasif necropolis.    Source: Ministry of Antiquities
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 15:26

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced a major discovery near Luxor in the south of the country.  Archaeologists have unearthed at least 20 wooden coffins that date back to the era of the

Archaeological site (Dunluce Castle ruins) in Northern Ireland. Source: Goinyk / Adobe Stock.
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 14:00

Since 2015 there have been approximately 800 sites with archaeological potential found in Northern Ireland. New rules mean that construction companies are obliged to record sites of possible archaeological interest. 

Plain of Jars
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 19:46

The Plain of Jars in the Xieng Khouang plain of Laos is one of the most enigmatic sights on Earth. The unusual scattering of thousands of megalithic jars across nearly one hundred sites deep in the mountains of northern Laos has fascinated archaeologists and scientists ever since their discovery in the 1930s.

Stone cist graves on Saba represent the burial practices of British settlers. Source: J Haviser/ Antiquity Publications Ltd
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 15:15

Stone cist graves on the Caribbean island of Saba are found to represent a cultural continuity with the burial practices of rural 17th-century British settlers.

Photograph of the assemblage. Credit: Uhlig et al., (2019), photograph by V. Minkus / Antiquity Publications Ltd.
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 15:05

Archaeologists in Germany have made an exciting breakthrough regarding a Bronze Age battle, one of the oldest known in Europe.

An ancient fresco of Macedonian soldiers from the tomb of Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, Greece, 4th century BC (Public Domain)

The Floating Warhorses of Alexander the Great: The Menacing Mount of the Macedonians

The rider must have a firm seat when going at full speed over all sort of ground and must also be able to use his weapons well on horseback. ( Xenophon, On Horsemanship , 8) When Philip II came to...
Oldest Egyptian Soul Map has been found on the text of a woman’s coffin.     Source: Boggy / Adobe Stock

Inscription on Coffin Discovered to be Oldest Egyptian Soul Map

A 4000-year-old ancient Egyptian text illustrates the oldest map of the underworld in existence. In 2012 archaeologists opened a burial shaft in the Middle Egyptian necropolis of Dayr al-Barsha and...
Peru, old Incan road in the canyon Cotahuasi.

Inca Empire Constructed Over 40,000 Kms of Roads and Superhighways in 100 Years

The Inca Empire was a superpower that was centered on the western coast of South America. This prevailing civilization flourished between the 15th and 16th centuries, and at its height of power it...
Pilbara, Australia where scientists discovered microbial remains in ancient rocks. Source: Terry / Adobe Stock.

Oldest Life On Earth Traced To Land

Scientists have found exceptionally preserved microbial remains in some of Earth's oldest rocks in Western Australia - a major advance in the field, offering clues for how life on Earth originated...
A dancers curse has been revealed on a Byzantine tablet.                  Source: par /Adobe Stock

Mysterious 1500-year-old Tablet Deciphered as Dancer’s Curse

An academic has finally deciphered the mysterious writings on a lead tablet after 70 years. They were shown to be a curse aimed at a dancer. The curse-tablet dates from the Byzantine era and is...
Landscape of the ancient city of Eretria, Euboea, Greece. Source: photo_stella / Adobe Stock

From Mycenaean to Macedon: The Prominence of Eretria in Greek Colonization

Eretria is an ancient Greek city state located in the southern part of Euboea , a Greek island facing the coast of Attica . Eretria is said to have been founded during the 8th century BC and was one...
Ancient tsunamis destroyed and killed. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock.

Creating Waves, Destroying Lives: Ancient Tsunamis That Left Their Mark

The catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami of late 2004 claimed up to 300,000 lives in the space of 24 hours. In 2011, the Japanese tsunami claimed another 20,000 lives. Prior to these events, few...
Extinction Rebellion ‘Deface’ Protected English Landscape

Extinction Rebellion ‘Deface’ Protected English Landscape

Extinction Rebellion defaced a famous English White Horse weeks after schoolchildren helped restore the ancient monument. The material used was temporary, but the discontent could be lasting. The...
Ancient roman theater in Ohrid in Macedonia           Source: Frankix / Adobe Stock

The Theatre of Ohrid, Where the Greeks Played and the Romans Slayed

The Ancient Greeks are known for their incredible, long-lasting innovations such as the water mill, the alarm clock, the Olympics , and the theatre! They built a great many theatres in the lands they...
The ancient city of Blaundus; It was built on a peninsula surrounded by deep valleys in the Hellenistic Age. (muratti6868/ Adobe Stock)

Ancient Architecture, Ancient Alcohol, Ancient Religion and the End of Our World

In 1995 a German archeologist named Klaus Schmidt decided to begin work in Turkey at a place called Potbelly Hill, or Göbekli Tepe. He didn't know at the time that he was about to turn the world of...
The Ionians were Greeks who revolted against the Achaemenid Empire in Asia Minor. Source: Fernando Cortés / Adobe Stock.

The Ionian Revolt - Prelude to the Graeco-Persian Wars

The Ionian Revolt was a series of revolts that broke out in Asia Minor at the beginning of the 5th century BC. At that time, the whole of Asia Minor was under the rule of the Achaemenid Empire. The...
Sunset at the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Source: Patryk Kosmider /Adobe Stock

Hidden Chambers and Meaning: Is the Great Pyramid for a King or Priests?

When I first thought of elements in the pyramid, I had no idea that I would end up postulating the existence of another hidden chamber. Can we locate it more precisely and find out how to get into it...
The Pyramid of Cheops illuminated by the sun in backlight, with people entering inside to visit it. The area with the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt. Source: Alfredo /Adobe Stock

The Great Pyramid: New Theory on God Symbolism and the Hidden Chambers

Architecture is language of form, of three dimensional images reflecting the function of a building and the time it was built. At best it demonstrates the builders’ beliefs regarding life and the...
15th-Century Medieval Home Comes Flat-Packed!

15th-Century Medieval Home Comes Flat-Packed!

A magnificent, authentic 15th century home could be yours for as little as £100,000. So, what’s the catch? Think IKEA assembling on a much bigger scale! This rare home today belongs to Colin Mantripp...
Aerial photograph of the Early Bronze Age excavation site near modern Harish. (Assaf Peretz, Israel Antiquities Authority)  By Ed Whelan

5,000-Year-Old Canaanite Megacity Unearthed in Israel

Archaeologists working for the Israel Antiquities Authority have announced the discovery of a major city, which they are calling a megalopolis. The site is rich in historic finds. Most of the site...
Portrait of an executioner. Warpedgalerie / Adobe Stock

The Dark Life of a Medieval Executioner – A Cut Away from the Rest

It is no surprise that the medieval period was filled with all kinds of undesirable jobs. There were leech collectors, cesspool cleaners, serfs, and gong farmers, to name a few. But one vocation that...