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Ken Goudsward

Ken Goudsward is an independent researcher and author whose interests include archaeology, philology, ontography, epistemology, and thaumaturgy. He writes in a variety of genres, including non-fiction, science fiction, dark comedy, and poetry.

His books include: “UFOs In The Bible”, “Magic In The Bible”, and “Enuma Elish: The Original Text with Brief Commentary”

Ken's webpage is at


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The common perception of the cherubim as baby-faced angels, as depicted in Pieter de Grebber’s Adoration of the Shepherds. Source: Public domain

Were the Cherubim of the Hebrew Bible the Chariots of the Gods?

The cherubim are a somewhat mysterious topic that occurs numerous times in the Hebrew Bible, but is never truly explained. We are given only brief glimpses into their role and their nature. Since the...