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Plato Hidden Music

Plato and his Hidden Music Code


Plato is one of the greatest ancient Greek philosophers. He was a student of Socrates and his writings delve into philosophy, theology, mathematics, cosmology and epistemology. He was the founder of the Academy of Athens, which was one of the first educational institutes in the western world and it was founded in the 4 th century BC. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle gave the foundations of Philosophy and Science.

Plato was a Pythagorean and as a Pythagorean he was familiar with numerology and music theory and harmony. Mathematics and harmony are interconnected. Therefore in the works of Plato there is the assumption that some type of a music code was embedded. 

Jay Kennedy of the University of Manchester has done an extensive research into Plato and Pythagoras and now Kennedy suggests that he found a way to crack the code that Plato has used. He believes that the pattern that Plato used corresponds to the twelve note musical scale and is all over his texts.

Kennedy suggests that Plato’s hidden philosophy can be explained by the fact that he believed that the Universe is not governed by the Gods, which was pretty radical in this era, and therefore he used mathematical structures and music to hide his message from Socrates and the other conventional philosophers of that Era who were very careful when they talked about Gods…

As a result, is it possible to uncover a whole hidden meaning in the works of Plato, one that is yet to be deciphered? If that is the case it will probably take many years to fully decipher Plato’s writings.

By John Black

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