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Richard Marranca

Dr Richard Marranca is an author, teacher and filmmaker. He has a strong interest in history and religion in the ancient world and publishes in these areas. His Egyptian manuscript Speaking of the Dead: Mummies & Mysteries of Egypt , will be published by Blydyn Square Books in New Jersey. Richard has a doctorate and MA that included a semester in Athens. He has had a Fulbright to teach at the University of Munich, as well as seven National Endowments for the Humanities summer grants -- the most recent was at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts in June 2022. His books are available online.   See more at


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Painting "Pizarro Seizing the Inca of Peru", by John Everett Millais, showing Pizarro in the act of capturing the king of the Inca Atahualpa.                                 Source: Public Domain

The Fateful Meeting of Atahualpa & Pizarro (with Prof. Tom Cummins, Harvard)

I was extraordinarily fortunate to meet the esteemed Dr. Tom Cummins nearly twenty years ago in Cusco, Peru - one of the great world centers, or axis mundi. Tom was one of our brilliant lecturers...
Beware the Greeks bearing gifts, by Henry Paul Motte (19th century) (Public Domain)

The Iliad And The Odyssey: Lessons From Humanities

The Humanities are by definition concerned with humankind’s life-chances and life-fates, and mortality captures humanness from one essential viewpoint – all humans inevitably die. All human life, and...

Utopia, Euphoria: Greek Philosophers Searching For The Good Life

To the ancient Greeks, philosophy – literally the love of wisdom - as a therapy or treatment of bodily ailments implied a holistic, psychosomatic understanding of the human mind, body and soul...
Mamaconas or nun’s enclosure at Pachacamac ( Caio/ Adobe Stock)

Revisiting The Oracle Of Pachacamac In Peru

Since ancient times, ubiquitous to various cultures, humankind has sought to overcome that which they cannot control, such as healing mysterious afflictions and trying to predict the veiled future,...
True Democracy? Oligarchy Versus Ochlokratia In Athens

True Democracy? Oligarchy Versus Ochlokratia In Athens

If what is taken to matter most is the power of decision-making, and, as part of that, the power to call executive office-holders to account by judicial or other means, then the first democracy...