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Felice Vinci

Felice Vinci, born in Rome in 1946, performed classical studies – Latin and Greek – in the high school, then he graduated in Nuclear Engineering in the University of Rome in 1971. He began working as an independent researcher on Greek mythology and his theory upon the Nordic origins of the Homeric poems in 1992. His research resulted in the book Omero nel Baltico. Le origini nordiche dell’Odissea e dell’Iliade (“Homer in the Baltic. The Nordic Origins of the Odyssey and the Iliad”), that was published in Italy, USA, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France. It has given rise to international conferences and television broadcasts, with relative discussions and fiery arguments. The USA edition, entitled The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales , was adopted as a text for the students of the Bard College of New York. Moreover, the late prof. Mullen, who in those years taught Classics at Bard College in New York, sailed from Stockholm and crossed the Baltic Sea on a sailboat with four of his students to follow the route of the Achaean fleet to Troy. Felice has presented, upon invitation, the theory expounded in his book in many Universities and cultural institutions worldwide, such as the Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg, the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), the Universities of Vancouver, Riga, Roma, Padova, Pavia, and so on.


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