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Brazilian Atlantis Seabed Rock

Sunken Land in Brazil brings up speculations about Atlantis


We are all familiar with the legend of Atlantis, the mythical continent that Plato mentions in one of his writings. The topic has raised huge debate amongst historians and archaeologists about whether it is a myth or reality, with most of them tending to support the idea that Plato described an imagined city.

Nine hundred miles from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, scientists have discovered evidence of a continent that disappeared when South America and Africa were separated many million years ago. That was enough for speculations that the Brazilian Atlantis was discovered (the term was used symbolically and not literally by the researchers).

But what was discovered? It was a piece of rock, granite that was found 8,000 feet deep in the sea in front of Rio with the help of a mini submarine. But according to geologists granite can only form on dry land and thus the speculation that a lost continent was discovered.

Obviously finding one piece of rock is not enough to conclude that a whole sunken continent has been discovered. More research needs to be done but if that is the case, who knows, the next step will be to search for lost cities on this continent.

By John Black

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John Black

Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

John is a computer & electrical engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a... Read More

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