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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Day 3

Day Three of Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure – Undeniable Evidence Revealed


The third day of the Congress Hearing on Disclosure began with a panel testifying on multiple UFO cases through different organizations. 

National UFO Reporting Centre (NUFORC)

The first to speak was the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Peter Davenport, who referred to 86,000 written reports which have been received by NUFORC in the last 19 years.

Davenport stated that for him the question of whether human beings are alone in the universe is the most important scientific question in the history of the humankind, and it has the potential to dramatically alter the future of mankind.

Davenport testified about thirteen dramatic UFO incidents across the USA which involved multiple witnesses.  He mentioned that there are more than 2000 similar incidents in their database.

The question raised was about the Press absence in all of those important events. Davenport replied that there is a split between local press and national press. And while local press are interested in the data, at a national level the interest is completely absent with only the tendency to ridicule the events.

Police Reporting UFO Sightings Database (PRUFOS)

Gary Heseltine, a Police Officer in the UK, was one of the principle investigators of the Rendlesham Forest event in Suffolk, UK. In 2002 he created a police reporting UFO sightings database (PRUFOS), which now has more than 940 police officers reporting UFO sightings in more than 11,000 cases. In 70% of these cases there have been multiple witnesses.

Heseltine mentioned about five cases where multiple officers witnessed UFOs. One case was in Ohio in 1994 where 15 policemen witnessed multiple circular UFOs from different positions. During the event the engines of their cars went off when the UFO sent a light beam down.

In another case in 1991, hundreds of officers noticed large triangular objects that were later confirmed by civilian and military radar facilities.

Heseltine in the same spirit as everyone agreed that now is the proper time to lift the veil of secrecy on the topic and let people now he truth about it.

Animal Slaughter

Linda Moulton Howe, researcher and Journalist, took the lead talking about an underemphasised topic, that of cattle mutilations.

In September 1967 the first event was reported where horses were found where the skull and neck were stripped from flesh and every organ was surgically removed. There was no trace of blood anywhere, no tracks of the animal or any other tracks nearby. The same day events in the sky were mentioned with bright lights and UFOs.

She mentioned that the first reported cattle mutilation event worldwide was in Australia in 1911 where 104 sheep were found in the city of Billabong with no blood and no tracks around the animals.

What makes some of the cattle mutilation events valid is the fact that cover ups follow as well as occurrences of military silencing the farmers that witnessed the events.

Moulton Howe has done more than 30 years of investigation on the topic and the results are without doubt showing that this is not something that happened by humans. And here is the proof.

In samples from multiple animals that were slaughtered it was found that the cut was so precise that it indicated the use of a laser. However there was a stunning discovery that removed laser from the list of possible tools used.

Tissue analysis has shown that a high temperature precision tool did the cut and the cut took place quickly maybe in a 2 second period. That was the same for all tissue samples from multiple cases. However, in the tested tissue there was no carbon residue. We know that carbon is the basic element of life and if laser was to be used carbon would have been present. But in the mutilation cases there was none. There is NO known instrument today that can do that.

So in summary, someone or something took the animals in the air (that’s why no traces can be found), did the operation inside a flying vehicle in a period of a few seconds, removed organs and blood, using a tool that could make carbon traces disappear and then put the animals back on the ground. Linda mentioned that similar cases have happened in Canada.

Press Silence

At the end of this panel Peter Robbins, an investigator and Author, referred to his research into the reason why the National Press remains silent. He said that the ridicule of the topic started in 1947and it was deliberate. A number of individuals during President Truman’s administration approached the major media in New York, Boston, Los Angeles etc. and met with the owners of NBC and other mainstream media and told them that, due to concerns about mass hysteria and leaking of sensitive information to the Russians, they shouldn’t mention anything related to UFO events. Since then none of the major channels have written any serious research on those topics, setting therefore the standards for smaller Press.

However today circumstances are different and such a secrecy doesn’t make sense at all.

Classified Official Government Reports

Dr Bob Wood, researcher with a PhD in Physics, presented the official Government Manual for the Majestic-12 group that leaked in the 1970s, which in 28 pages, 6 chapters and 4 appendixes, presents instructions to military personnel on how to handle UFO cases.

The document was on an old film, showing that the document was leaked, and the authenticity of the document has been verified and was printed by the Government in 1954. This document and many others can be found here. Dr Bob Wood has followed the best procedures for authenticating the document.

The title of the document is ‘Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology Recovery and Disposal’. A top secret document for ‘Majic Eyes Only’.

The document includes so much detail on types of UFOs and types of Aliens that show that before the release of the document there must have been recovered not only UFOs but also Alien bodies. An incredible document that has been ignored by the ignorant ‘debunkers’.

The next person to talk was Grant Cameron, a researcher from Canada, who has in his possession a 1000 pages document released by the Clinton administration with all documents related to the Rockefeller Initiative. A document that although declassified back then, now if you go to get it from the Government they will say that they have lost it!

Grant presented memos and documents of the Canadian Government showing that the existence of UFOs was something accepted and proved in the circles of the Government.

The Roswell Event

The next panel was dedicated to the Famous Roswell event, with witnesses and investigators testifying about it.

Captain Keving Randle, PhD, was one of the prime investigators who has extensively researched the topic. Jesse Marcel Junior was also one of the witnesses, the son of Major Jesse Marcel who was the one of the officials that had direct contact with the event and the debris.

According to the interviews here is the story: In the first week of July 1947 a rancher, Mac Brazel, living about 30 miles south east of Corona, reported that something fell from the sky to his ranch and it was not of this world. He reported this to Sheriff George Wilcox of the Chaves County. He took some debris from the crash and brought it to the Sheriff.

The event was then reported on the radio and it was after that that the military noticed it. The Sheriff contacted the Military base at Rosewell (RAAF) and spoke to Major Jesse Marcel who then reported to the base commander.

Major Jesses Marcel as well as another Intelligence officer were sent to the site to investigate. Marcel gathered some debris and, on his way to the base, stopped at his house to show it to his wife and kids.

He put the debris on the kitchen floor and what his son saw (and testified) was a metallic fold, some black plastic like debris and a few eye beams with symbols written on them. Marcel continued on to the base and when he returned he told his family that this event never happened and they should never talk about it.

It wasn’t much later when the Military report on the Roswell Daily Record that a flying saucer was recovered.

However not long after that, the army took back this statement by saying that it was just a weather balloon…

Without analysing more about the topic I will just mention the major points showing that the Roswell event was true.

  • A press release by the military, which never goes out without strict control, was made by military experts who show the debris. To retract such a statement undermines the intelligence of both the military and the citizens.
  • More than 50 military men went to clear up ‘vacuum’ the area of any debris. This statement doesn’t make sense if the debris was just a weather balloon. This is a point that Crongressmen from the panel agreed.
  • The debris was sent to the Wright Patterson Air Force base, where Foreign technology research was based. Why do that for weather balloon debris?
  • Within 5 hours of the event the cover up took place. Major people that were witnesses to the event and had debris in their procession were taken so not to testify to the press. And specifically Mac Brazel, the rancher that reported the crash was held for 3 days at the military without giving him permission to even call his family. Other witnesses including the Sheriff were threatened by the military for their lives and the lives of their families if they were to say anything in public – according to the testimony of the Sheriff’s daughter. The whole village with more than 150 witnesses were put in silence with threats and signing non-disclosure agreements.


Thousands of people have witnessed UFO events, thousands of reports, photos, videos and official documents exist to document these events. How is it possible for the government to dismiss and ridicule all of this, while at the same time they are producing official documents regarding how to gather technology and clear debris from UFO crashes?

Yes, we understand that in the 1950s it would have been a national security risk to declare that UFO technology was gathered and probably reversed engineered. But now there is no reason to do that. People have the right to know.

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By John Black

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John Black

Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

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