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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Day 5

Day 5 of Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – The Grand Finale


So far, a number of media sources, such as the Huffington Post, have presented well-written analyses of the evidence that has been presented throughout the Citizens Hearing.  However, sadly the highly controlled mainstream media has demonstrated the same old patterns by ridiculing the event and the individuals who have participated.  It is interesting to see that at no time has the media been able to address the irrefutable evidence that has emerged throughout the first 4 days of the Hearing. Instead, they use terms such as ‘little green men’ to belittle a highly important and relevant topic.

John Callahan - Citizen HearingThe fifth day of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure started with John Callahan, who was a Division Chief of the Accidents, Evaluations and Investigations Division of the FAA for 6 years in the 90s. He described a major event that took place while he was active.

It happened in January of 1987 when he received a call from Air Traffic Control of FAA in Alaska requesting help with the media that overflowed their Office asking questions about a UFO that chased a Japanese 747. Callahan asked for all data to be sent to him to investigate the topic. The Japanese pilot described a UFO as big as four aircraft careers with yellow and white lights around the center which followed him for over 31 minutes even when he did 180 and 360 degrees turns. Both the radar and the manual controller observed the UFO.

At the FAA headquarters, Callahan briefed the Administrator about the event who immediately set up a meeting with Present Reagan’s scientific staff. The rest can be predicted… CIA asked Callahan not to talk to anybody about the event, that it never happened and that it was a UFO.

George Filer - Radar UFOMajor George Filer, current Eastern Director of MUFON, continued with more extraordinary incidents focusing on one which happened in June 1962 over the North Sea, where he was called to intercept an object hovering over Stonehenge. While approaching close to the object the radar signal showed a huge object approximately a mile long which was sharp and solid. Once he approached close to the object it accelerated to approximately 50,000 miles per hour and disappeared. After checking if rocket launches took place in the area the answer was negative. The event was recorded and everything was documented. The next day in a meeting where Prince Philip was present, Filer was asked by him to talk about the UFO incident. Prince Philip said that he asks the question regularly because his uncle had seen a UFO while in the Navy and he had an interest in UFOs and he believed in them.

Filer continued presenting images of UFOs and different incidents that took place since the 60s.

UFO Cumberland - Citizen Hearing

Jim Courant has been a commercial pilot, flying for 46 years with more than 32,000 flying hours. He referred to personal experiences but most importantly to the fact that out of fear for their careers and the ridicule they would receive, many commercial pilots do not mention any UFO sightings.

Guide to Disaster Control - Citizen HearingIn one of his experiences in New Mexico in 1995, while flying with a co-pilot, he suddenly realised that the shadow of a large bluish green object was covering them. They had no radar contact and the object was moving very quickly.

Later on, to the surprise of everyone, Courant presented an official guide on disaster control written for Fire Officers. In its 1992 edition it included a section on how to deal with crashed UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials.

Retired Colonel Richard French who followed, presented many incidents where UFOs seem to be attracted to volcanos, and how he suggests that they are not aggressive but rather trying to help Earth.

Stephenville Incident, Texas

Steve Allen, Pilot, referred in detail to his first hand experience in Stephenville, Texas. While out with friends they noticed an object 0.5 to 1 mile long travelling over them. All of them had the feeling that the UFO knew that they were there. He could see seven extremely bright lights blanking on the rear. The UFO stopped over Stephenville, reconfigured and changed shape, and then it disappeared.

Later a few F16 jets were out in pursuit of the UFO and he was there watching them chasing it. Next day when trying to check with the nearby airport bases to learn what happened, the event was denied. However in 2008 MUFON published a complete technical report presenting the radar records from FAA, and presenting multiple witnesses accounts. The radar picked up the object travelling at nearly 2,000 miles per hour and at other times at a much slower speed. After been chased by the F16s, the object disappeared at high speed.

It is interesting to mention here that MUFON gets about 1000 UFO sighting reports per month.

Anonymous Video Testimony

Anonymous Testimony - Citizen HearingAn impressive video testimony of an anonymous person by Richard Dolan.

The unnamed individual testifying is now 77 years old with not many months left to live and he wanted to testify about this experience before his death. He was in the US army in 1958 officially working on Cryptography for the Army, when he was asked by his Boss if he would like to get some more money. His boss was a director for the CIA in Eastern USA. After 6 weeks of security clearance he was taken to the CIA and given a new ID with a new identity.

He testified that the project Blue Book was a fraud just to ridicule the topic of the UFO. His jobs were to follow sightings, interview people and see which cases were real.

What he saw was amazing, but for all of this he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement which lasted 40 years for some incidents and 50 years for others, which expired in 2008. At some point he was told to go for a new assignment requested by President Eisenhower, which was to investigate what was occurring at Area 51 and to brief him about it. Eisenhower was concerned that Area 51 was functioning as a separate entity and was not under government control.

On arrival at Area 51, he saw multiple garage doors with different types of flying saucers behind them – the first one had the craft from the Roswell crash. He mentioned that the craft looked extremely heavy and solid but when he touched it, he realise that it weighed no more than 150 pounds. However, what he saw next was even more astounding. He revealed that he met with a live extraterrestrial who was being interviewed by his boss – the communication was telepathic.

On his return, this individual brief President Eisenhower about the black projects and he appeared shocked and concerned.

It is incredible to think that it is not only civilians who do not have access to this information but also the Congress and the President. The control has gone to semi-private organizations with power beyond the Governments.

He finished by saying how relieved he was that finally he could reveal his experience to the public and what a burden it has been not talking to anyone about this for so many years, including his own family.

Linda Moulton Howe - Citizen HearingLinda Moulton collaborated more in the story when she said that in secret in 1994 she spent three days with him interviewing him. He had seen autopsy footage with unusual internal organs, films from Italy with non-humans outside a UFO and large underground installations in the Papus mountain in Nevada.

The plan was that she was going to go a few weeks later to take a video of him and prepare a documentary that she would play after he was dead. However, Intelligence monitored their first interview and got to him and his wife and threatened them about their lives and as a result he told Linda that the video interview couldn’t take place.

More Experiences

Geoffrey Torres - Citizen HearingGeoffrey Torres, the Son of Major Milton Torres, an airforce pilot, testified for his father and his experience with UFOs. His father had been an extinguished member of the Airforce, with more than 300 combat missions in Vietnam, 13 medals of honour and the prestigious flying Cross. He has also worked for NASA and the Apollo mission and for Panam Air after he retired.

Milton Torres kept his secret for over 50 years, he never talked to anyone about his experience. It was in May 20 th in 1954 in England. The ready room was notified of an Unidentified Flying Object and he was sent to intercept and destroy it. He got clearance to use After Burners with his F16. He had the confirmation on his radar and the size of the object was that of an aircraft carrier. Once he approached target distance and locked onto the object it did some erratic movement and then accelerated from 0 to Mach 10 in seconds and disappeared.

After landing, Milton was contacted and asked not to discuss the incident with anyone and the incident became classified. The following day, the National Security Agency contacted him, intimidating him and swearing him to secrecy. They locked him in a room and threatened him and his family.


Dr Greer later on referred to multiple technologies that have been reverse engineered from UFOs starting from Antigravity systems and transdimensional physics. The breakthroughs that took place with cloning happened many years earlier than Dolly, due to alien knowledge.


He referred to multiple military and civilian installations that are taking advantage of this technology including Monsanto, Philips, Lockheed Martin, Macdonald Douglas etc.

Extensive EMP weapons have been developed and also sent to Space for defence against Aliens, and some of the UFO crashes are because of the use of EMP weapons.

On the same path Dr Thomas Valone referred to antigravity technologies that he has been working on, as well as prototypes that have been built through private investors.

Later on Dr Roger Leir testified on his experience with abductees where he has found in multiple cases implants in them that go beyond anything that we know – implants that haven’t left any scars, no reaction or rejection from the body, no inflammatory reaction and emitting electromagnetic energy for unknown reasons. According to Dr Leir, they are based on advanced nanotechnology which is not available today. His results have been verified by multiple laboratories.

Former Minister of Defence of Canada

One of the most important testimonies came from the former Minister of Defence of Canada, Paul Hellyer. Hellyer stated that a number of extraterrestrial species are known about and are present on Earth. He claimed that at least two species have been cooperating with the USA and there are seven other species.

Hellyer openly accused the USA for the current climate of secrecy including the three elies – Council for Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and the Trilateral Committee, as well as the International Banking Cartel, the Oil Cartel and members of Intelligence Organizations and the Army. All of them have become like a shadow Government of the world who are not accountable to anyone.

What Disclosure would mean

Richard Dolan presented his thoughts on what a disclosure on UFOs would mean and how this would affect the whole world. If the US President were to make such an announcement it would threaten the entire corrupted economical system that gives all the wealth to a very few around the world.

What would happen if the technology that those UFOs have given to us was available to everyone? Free green energy for everyone, propulsion systems that would allow us to travel to other solar systems, antigravity technology, medical technology?


We are currently going through the greatest transformation in humanity. Something needs to be done. The moment of disclosure will trigger an intellectual revolution and a complete transformation of our planet, Richard Dolan said. It is true that we will have to face many issues - economical, political, geopolitical changes and many other things. But it is necessary to evolve.

Some people will need to take the risk and face ridicule and go ahead and speak. And this will gradually spread so that disclosure will be forced. They are not going to do it on their own. They are profiting from it, they are powerful and they love to control humanity.

All of us need to cross this threshold together but we need to act. Internet has helped a lot and has given a platform for something like this to become feasible.

But are you ready? Are you ready to sacrifice your personal interest for the good of the humanity, for a change that will alter the world as we know it for a better future? Think about it.

The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure has been an incredible event, with a wealth of information that would persuade any intelligent person. There is real potential for this Truth Embargo to be finished once and for all.

Congratulations to the organizers, to the Congressmen and to everyone that made this event possible. It has been an extraordinary week.

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By John Black



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This is a declaration of truth!
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Reconciliation through truth is the path to healing. The humans that make it into the parliament building are feeble minded and have failed at life. We have all failed at life. We have allowed the evolution of our way of life. History keeps repeating itself because we do not stop to see our own emotional and spiritual immaturity. We do not look at our own propensity for violence. Why do we spend more money on war, destroying the life of others, than on supporting the society we live in? Do we even know why we are killing each other? To evolve we need benevolent leadership not a ruling class. Canada, the world, is in need of political change. We need to evolve away from corporeality into morality. The survival of humanity and our earth requires drastic change. Why have steps not been taken in politics? Why is Geoengineering still happening?

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Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

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