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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Day 4

Day 4 of the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure – Global Awareness of UFOS

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We considered Day 3 of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to be impressive. In that case, Day 4 was extraordinary!  The focus of Day 4 was on international UFO incidents and documents including countries such as: United Kingdom, China, Italy, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, as well as reports from France and Russia.

The day started with A.J. Gevaerd a researcher from Brazil accompanied by Brazilian former Congressman (Wilson Pickler). Pickler, suggested that the reason that Governments are hiding UFOs from the citizens is because they are afraid that it will change the balance of powers in the world and thus they try to discredit not only the UFO incidents but also people dealing with the UFO incidents.

Brazil & Operation Saucer

Gevaerd, representing Brazil, continued saying that South America is by far the continent with the most agencies officially investigating the UFO phenomenon. Active official organizations right now are in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay.

Gevaerd has devoted his life on the UFO phenomenon for at least 35 years. He is editor of magazines and has interviewed many retired personnel from the Army Forces.

Brazil has been officially involved in the UFO investigation for decades and in 1954 openly admitted that we have been visited by UFOs. Since then they have been involved in several projects investigating the phenomenon.

The most impressive UFO incident that took place was in the Amazon, island Colares. There was an intense UFO activity in 1977 where hundreds of citizens were injured. The Brazilian Government was forced to begin an operation called Operation Saucer to investigate the incident. Troopers camped at the island observing the sky and interviewing the people. Doctors examined the citizens of the island and found intense radiation burns, which victims reported came from beams coming from the crafts.  More than 1000 people were attacked. There were 4 casualties and many injured. They interviewed people and have substantial supporting material, including more than 500 pictures and 16 hours of videos documenting the research. The report was a 2000 page document.

In official documents, it is reported that there was a very large ship and multiple smaller UFOs with two pilots each. During the 4 months of investigation, US Intelligence was also participating, but not officially. Some of the UFOs were difficult to photograph until the US provided proper equipment to be able to photograph and video the UFOs.

Operation Saucer lasted from Sep 1977 until Dec 1977, when the USA stepped in and took over the operation.The Saucer report is available to anyone at the National Archives in Brazil.


Antonio Huneeus took the lead and moved on with Chile and their UFO investigation. There is an official committee called CEFAA under the Civil Aviation Agency. In 1980 they started collecting UFO cases reported by pilots which included incidents with UFOs scrambling military fighter jet equipment. In the mid 90s a former commander and later senator supported the efforts of the committee.

On the site of CEFAA you are able to see videos, documents, articles and radio communication of pilots, all related to UFO incidents. The committee includes scientists, civilians and military people. Director of the CEFA Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena is Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermudez who openly supports unidentified objects but without any clues yet as to what they are.

In one of the incidents described, it was witnessed at the same time by two commercial planes and one military plane. The pilots mentioned that a camouflaged object appeared and disappeared in the air. A video about this incident was released.

Brazil in 2008 passed a new transparency law which requires that all government agencies have 20 days to respond to public requests and they have started dealing with the UFO phenomenon openly and freely.

The official conclusion is the Anomalous Air Phenomenon known as UFO is clear and present. It is everywhere and therefore it is necessary to share the information to be able to study it in a more scientific way.


Retired Colonel Ariel Sanchez of the Uruguay Air Force mentioned that in the last 33 years there has been an air force commission dealing with UFO phenomenon which is also accountable to the public. The members of the commission are both civilian and military. In their UFO cases archive they have about 1300 cases of which about 30% haven’t been resolved.  In their cases they also have cases of fighter jets chasing UFOs in the Uruguay airspace.

Uruguay tries to scientifically address the UFO phenomenon however they do not rule out extra-terrestrial origin.


In Peru there is a Government UFO Investigation Office, as Anthony Choy, PhD, testifies. Its full name is Office of Investigations of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (OIFAA) of which Dr Choy is a founding member. The agency was established in 2001. He is also author of the book ‘Project 33’ which is the first complete study on the UFO phenomenon in Peru.

The Office gathers statement, interview witnesses and it has a database of videos and photos of UFOs.

An interesting incident reported was a UFO shutting down an airplane and witnessing of beings in the UFO, similar to humans and with Nordic characteristics. Other incidents in their database include cases where electronic equipment has shut down and video and camera equipment has stopped working.

Choy said that in Peru everybody talks openly about UFOs, both military and civilians without any fear of ridicule. Also most of the major Media covers UFO incidents.

The most impressive testimony for Peru was the one that followed from Colonel Oscar Santa-Maria, a retired pilot of the Peruvian Air Force. He was the protagonist of a UFO chasing by a Peruvian fighter.

It was on April 11, 1980 in the morning when about 1800 men were in formation at the Air Base of La Joya. Everyone observed a balloon object in the sky at about 1800 ft high. Santa-Maria was ordered to take off and pursue and shut down the spherical object since it violated military area without identifying who it was. He tried to pursue the object, but it could change its height in radical and sudden movements making it difficult for Santa Maria to follow it. At some point he managed to approach it within about 100 meters distance. It didn’t have any windows, the main part looked metallic but the top part ceramic. There were no antennas, no propulsion, nothing at all. The total chasing took about 22 minutes when in the end he was out of fuel and had to return to the base.

More than 800 people witnessed the event and the incident is officially accepted by the Military. But because the Base at that time was installing new equipment it was kept in silence for about 22 years.

The most important information though is that Santa Maria tried to shoot the object down by firing more than 64 30mm cells - one of them would be able to penetrate a truck. The result was that all of the cells were absorbed by the object! There was no explosion of any kind at all.

Santa-Maria’s feeling was that the object wasn’t aggressive and obviously didn’t have any intentions of shooting him down.


Alejandro Chionetti spoke about Argentina, where there is also an official UFO Investigation Committee which was announced in 2010 by the Argentinean Air Force (AAF). The official title of the committee is The Commission of Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena.

The committee is made up of meteorologists, air controller, pilots, radar experts and both civilians and military persons.

He then referred to multiple incidents that took place in Argentina since 1962, including UFO chasing, objects coming out from the sea, contact with humanoids, cattle mutilations etc. The latest event mentioned was in 2011 where a glowing ball fell from the sky and exploded on the ground. The case is still unsolved and under investigation.

In another incident a UFO attempted to land at a major airport and while doing that all communication was cut off and a general blackout in the nearby city took place. The transcripts from all communications between the aircraft and the tower are available.

Recently, the Air Force started to declassify old documented UFO cases. It is over the last 40 years that the military has studied UFO phenomenon and the official view is that there is something that may be extra-terrestrial.

Most of the countries mentioned that, officially and unofficially, the US participated in the UFO research and many times they took over, taking back debris and extraterrestrial bodies.


According to Pinotti Roberto, Italy has the five oldest civilian UFO organizations in the World. Since 1947 Italy has a list of 12,000 documented UFO events and most of them were spread across 5 major UFO waves starting in the 50s.

Pinotti has been an extensive researcher on the UFO phenomenon and been consultant for the military on the same topic, he has given lectures all over the world including the House of Lords in the UK and has been the director of the National UFO Center of Italy (CUN).

After 1978, when there was one of the major UFO waves in Italy with more than 2000 sightings that year from pilots, flight controllers, military person etc., the Air Force was charged to monitor the phenomena closely.

Pinotti has seen more than 400 UFO cases documented by the military in the past 40 years. Most of them are published in his books. He also reassures that the Vatican not only has an interest in the UFO phenomenon, but their chief astronomer considers that if extra-terrestrials didn’t exist there would have been an extreme inconsistency with the Bible!

Pinotti also referred to the fact that he had access to the KGB UFO files that were released after the end of USSR.


The next country to follow was China with Dr Shi-Li Sun who has been with the UFO Research Institute and the UFO Federation of China researching UFOs for the past 33 years.

According to Shi-Li acceptance of UFOs in China has gone up to 50% of the population and they have multiple references in their mythology about Alien Gods, specifically referring to the dragon mythology where dragons were beings that came from space and that Chinese people are descendants of the Dragons.

He mentioned artefacts that were found depicting aliens that have been dated back millions of years.

The main goal of UFO investigation according to Shi-Li, is to find their roots and share technology that will solve the problems of humanity.


Researcher Grant Cameron testified that since 1950 Canada has been open to UFO investigation.  He presented a memo from the Ministry of Defence of Canada in correspondence to the US where it is mentioned clearly that the US admitted to Canada that UFOs of extraterrestrial origin are indeed a reality.

Researchers in Government Positions in Canada, have received alien material from the US for further study and there were references that the US has also recovered alien bodies and they have communicated with aliens, that came from Dr Eric Walker who has attended Wright-Paterson Air Force meetings and confirmed evidence on communication with aliens and extra-terrestrial recoveries. Walker was present at a UFO crash in Kecksburg Pennsylvania in 1965.

In 1960 the Canadian project on the research of the UFO (similar to the US Blue Book Project) was shut down, following the lead of the US.

United Kingdom

Nick Pope summarised again the UK case, with the office of the Ministry of Defence responsible for investigating UFO cases – of which he was responsible. He said that all UFO files in the UK have been declassified and gradually the documents have started being released since 2007, a process that will be finished by the end of 2013. The documents are available online at the National Archives web site.

France and Russia

Although there were no representatives from France and Russia, researcher and journalist Antoino Huneeus, referred to those countries based on his research.

France has a permanent agency for studying the UFO phenomenon currently named GEIPAN (former GEPAN and SEPRA). Their website includes reports, photos and videos related to the UFO research.

One of the interesting events listed was the Trans-en Provence Incident which is one of the rare events that took place in a farm in France where the UFO has let evidence behind.

The event took place in January 1981 and according to the farmer the object had the shape of two discs which landed and took off almost immediately. Analysis done on the site showed that the object must have been of 4 to 5 tons of weight and heated the ground to 300 and 600 degrees Celsius. Traces of phosphate and zinc were found and the leaves in the area lost about 30-40% of the chlorophyll and the traces of the landing are visible even today, 40 years after the event.

The report was an official government report which at the end concluded that there is a high probability of electro-magnetic mode of propulsion for the aircraft.

Related to Russia, after the end of Communism things began to become while previously they had been censored. Incidents in Russia include nuclear base interferences similar to the US with disabling the control systems of the missile sites.

According to Huneeus, because of those events, an agreement with the US was formed in 1971 in order to inform each other in case of alien detection at nuclear sites.


Today’s hearing offered a significant hope for future disclosure and acknowledge of extraterrestrials based on the openness of smaller countries, who hold a distinctly different attitude to the US and UK. The evidence provided by official sources in other countries, make the UFO phenomenon a fact without a single doubt. And although all countries will probably try to guard technology taken from UFO crashes, at least there is not a denial syndrome as the US and the UK have.

It was proven that the citizens of this world are intelligent enough at this point not to react in a negative way to the fact the UFOs may be a reality and just try to learn more. But again the implications of direct contact with aliens would change our world views and change the balance of the powers in our world, as the Brazilian Congressman said.

For how long do they think they can keep these secrets?

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