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Archaeologists on site after excavations revealed several miniature pyramids in Sedeinga in Sudan. Source: Vincent Francigny / SEDAU

The Mystery of the Miniature Pyramids of Sedeinga in Sudan

From the iconic pyramids of Egypt to the lesser-known discoveries in Sudan, a journey through ancient history unveils intriguing mysteries. While Egypt's pyramid monuments loom large, Sudan's...
Queen Amanirenas, warrior queen AI representation. Source: Refineria AI/adobe Stock

The One-Eyed African Queen Who Defeated the Roman Empire: Amanirenas

Few are those who stood defiant to the powerful Roman Empire and opposed its incessant expansion. From the barbarian tribes of Central Europe to the warlike Britons and Gauls, and all the way to the...
Pyramids of Sudan. Source: zampe238 / Adobe Stock.

Explore the Waters Below Sudan’s Desert Pyramids (Video)

Deep in the desert sands of northern Sudan lies the ancient site of Nuri , home to more than 20 pyramids and the final resting place of Sudan's greatest pharaohs. These pyramids were the primary...
Detail of the Meroë head, now housed at the British Museum in London. Source: Paul Hudson / CC BY 2.0

Cracking the Mystery of the Decapitated Meroë Head

Sometimes, modern archaeology reveals something that simply baffles us. Whether it is an item with inexplicable origins, or an out of place artifact, archaeology and history combined often leave us...
Locals on camels near Meroe pyramids, Sudan (Matyas Rehak/ Adobe Stock)

Secrets in The Sands Of Sudan: The Kushite Kings’ Pyramids

After the decline of Egypt’s New Kingdom, the Kings of Kush established the 25th Dynasty by expanding their territory to include Egypt, and ruled as the Black Pharaohs for at least a hundred years...
Buddhism in Ancient Egypt and Meroe – Beliefs Revealed Through Ancient Script

Buddhism in Ancient Egypt and Meroe – Beliefs Revealed Through Ancient Script

Did Buddhism exist in Upper Egypt and the Lower Meroitic Empire? The answer appears to be yes. It was in Memphis that English Egyptologist and archaeologist W. M. Flinders Petrie found evidence of...
The flooding is threatening the Al-Bajrawiya archaeological site, home to almost two hundred Sudanese pyramids and the ancient burial site of the Kingdom of Kush. Source: zampe238 Adobe Stock

Worst River Nile Flooding in Over a Century Threatens Sudanese Pyramids

The mysterious pyramids of Sudan that have stood for centuries are now threatened by floods. The River Nile has burst its banks and it has already killed many people in the African country. Rising...
Prince Akinidad of Kush and the One Eyed Kandake in the Meroite-Roman War

Prince Akinidad of Kush and the One Eyed Kandake in the Meroite-Roman War

Strabo in his Geography (17 1.54) talks about the “one eyed Kandake” who fought the Romans. Between 30 BC and 22 BC the Romans and Meroites were at war. Meroitic-Kush never became part of the Roman...
Deriv; Left, Roman legionnaire reenactor in period gear. Right, Jabbaren rock painting (Via author)

The Giant of Algeria: Iconographic Evidence of Roman Expeditions in the Sahara

There are thousands of rock engravings at the dramatic rocky landscape of Jabbaren, Algeria. Jabbaren is an archaeological site in the Tassili N'ajjer National Park in Algeria with some of the most...
Pyramid of Queen Khennuwa at the royal necropolis at Meroe.

New Investigations Begin on the Pyramid of the Mysterious Queen Khennuwa

After almost a century, archaeologists are re-entering the burial chambers of the mysterious Queen Khennuwa, who remains a mysterious personality of the Kingdom of Meroe. The archaeologists re-opened...
Pyramids of Meroë - Sudan

Pyramids of Meroë stand as Last Remnants of a Powerful Civilization

The Great Pyramids of Giza are among the most recognizable structures in the world today. Yet just south of the Egyptian border is a set of equally impressive pyramids that stand beautifully...