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Pyramids of Sudan. Source: zampe238 / Adobe Stock.

Explore the Waters Below Sudan’s Desert Pyramids (Video)


Deep in the desert sands of northern Sudan lies the ancient site of Nuri, home to more than 20 pyramids and the final resting place of Sudan's greatest pharaohs. These pyramids were the primary burial place for the kings and pharaohs of the 25th dynasty and their descendants from around 650 to 300 BC. For centuries, these tombs remained buried and forgotten, until recently, when a team of archaeologists began to uncover their secrets. Many of the tombs have been undisturbed for more than 2,000 years, providing a rare glimpse into the burial practices and beliefs of one of Africa's greatest civilizations.

The excavation of Nuri offers a unique opportunity to uncover the mysteries of an ancient people who left behind little written history. As the archaeologists work to reveal the secrets of Nuri, they must navigate the challenges of working in an inhospitable desert environment and deciphering the clues left behind by a civilization that disappeared long ago. The story of Nuri is one of great intrigue and discovery, shedding new light on an ancient civilization that remains shrouded in mystery.

Top image: Pyramids of Sudan. Source: zampe238 / Adobe Stock.

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