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"David with the Head of Goliath," circa 1615–16 by Valentin de Boulogne (French, Coulommiers-en-Brie 1591–1632 Rome) Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid.

The Theory of ‘Three Human Species’


By Leonardo Vintini, Epoch Times

The Old Testament tells a story in which a diminutive David defeats the giant Goliath. Using just a sling to slay his enormous foe, this unlikely victor became the second Hebrew monarch.

The Biblical Giant

While many consider the tale to be merely a colorful allegory, a recent finding exhibiting the oldest known Philistine inscriptions suggests that Goliath may have actually existed. This artifact—a small clay shard—was found in Israel in 2005 by Tell es-Safi University archeologists.

It is inscribed with the words “Alwt and Wlt” which, according to Professor Aaron Demsky, coincide with the name Goliath. Alwt and Wlt are non-Semitic names which are etymologically similar to the name Goliath. Studies confirm that the carving was made around 950 BC, which would put it within 70 years of when biblical scholars believe this historic fight occurred.

While the find may lend some new credibility to an ancient tale, it may also serve as a piece to another puzzle that’s even more intriguing. One might assume that, even if the epic battle really did take place, Goliath’s size was surely exaggerated for dramatic effect.

An illustration of David and Goliath’s battle by Osmar Schindler, 1888

An illustration of David and Goliath’s battle by Osmar Schindler, 1888 (Public Domain)

However, evidence collected from around the globe over the last century suggests that the existence of a real giant may not have been that strange after all. In fact, these finds have led some to believe that the mankind of antiquity may have come in three distinct sizes: giants, humans, and hobbits.

The ‘Hobbit’ Homo

In the fall of 2004, a group of investigators working in Indonesia found remains of a race of “hobbit” men measuring just over three feet. Researchers determined that these smaller humans had existed alongside man until about 13,000 years ago.

Homo floresiensis skull (the “Hobbit”) (left) and a modern human skull (right). Credit: Professor Peter Brown, University of New England

Homo floresiensis skull (the “Hobbit”) (left) and a modern human skull (right). Credit: Professor Peter Brown, University of New England

The research team—including Indonesian paleoanthropologist Professor T. Jacob—dubbed the small race Homo floresiensis, named after the Indonesian island of Flores where the skeletons were uncovered. Some say these hobbits still roam the jungle, prompting many visitors to the island in recent years in search of a myth incarnate.

Giant Remains

The wealth of evidence for a race of giants is even greater. Remains of giant humans have been found in practically every part of the globe: Tunisia; Pennsylvania; Glen Rose, Texas; Gargayan in the Philippines; Syria; Morocco; Australia; and throughout the Urbasa mountain range in Spain. Perhaps the most popular and scientifically recognized example is the “Giant of Java,” found just south of China.

Similar human remains that were found in nearby southern China reveal large humans who possessed six digits on each extremity. This polydactyl characteristic seems to have been a regular pattern in this race of men, as other examples have shown. In Soviet Georgia, skeletons were found of men between 9 and 10 feet tall that also possessed six digits on the hands and feet.

Among several biblical passages that mention the existence of giants, Samuel 21:20 also observes this extra-digit phenomenon: “In still another battle, which took place at Gath, there was a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot—twenty-four in all.”

‘Fossilized Irish giant’ at a London rail depot, which appeared in the December 1895 issue of Strand Magazine. It was 12 ft 2 in (3.71 m) tall, weighed 2 tonnes, and had 6 toes on its right foot. (Public Domain)

‘Fossilized Irish giant’ at a London rail depot, which appeared in the December 1895 issue of Strand Magazine. It was 12 ft 2 in (3.71 m) tall, weighed 2 tonnes, and had 6 toes on its right foot. (Public Domain)

Despite the vast amount of skeletal evidence—as well as the unearthed tools and teeth that would otherwise prove comically large by normal human standards—it seems that there are still not a great number of scientists dedicated to studying this phenomenon.

Giant Imagination?

The modern world often regards mention of these different-sized human races in ancient texts and folklore as the product of a vivid imagination—though many different cultures record very similar accounts. However, in light of the various remains uncovered throughout the world, perhaps these “mythical” stories may have actually been accurate depictions of life at that time.

If these races of various size did exist, why three sizes, and where did the other two go? Did they have amicable or hostile social relations with our ancestry? Did they help each other? Ignore each other? What social structures did they have? For now we can only look to the stories of the distant past and wonder how many more myths are waiting to reveal themselves with concrete evidence.

Top image: "David with the Head of Goliath," circa 1615–16 by Valentin de Boulogne (French, Coulommiers-en-Brie 1591–1632 Rome) Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid. Source: Public Domain

The article ‘ The Theory of ‘Three Human Species’ was originally published on The Epoch Times and has been republished with permission.



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There is so much diversion from the science – of the facts, and their logical connections, and any helpful clues from the ancient texts, which may help where not ignored.  Let’s start with the oldest texts, the ancient Sumerian cylinder seals of circa 7k BC, which are hard ceramic objects and thus true, not altered or forged – from their original form and the textual substance that was historic purpose of their creation.  These artifacts (the ancient cuneiform text), as many know, were interpreted in some detail by the late Zecharia Sitchin, and described in his series of books on his theories of those ancient people.  From the understanding he got from the cylinder seals, which has been largely accepted, or at least NOT strongly discredited/debunked, Sitchin tells us that ancient Sumer, the place where the seals were found, was founded by ‘the Annunaki’  – an race of people ALIEN to Earth, or from another planet.  Sitchin also tells us of attempts by those aliens to create man for the purpose of providing labor for, among other things, mining gold.  He also tells us of problems created by alien men taking/raping or otherwise procreating with aboriginal women – something that was not apparently approved by the alien leadership, and a big war and flood that may have been a response to that, serving some anthropological role via human death or survival of those events.  

Next comes the Book of Genesis, much later – circa 1k BC.  Genesis, of course, tells us of the creation of man, or a type of new man, maybe deceptively called ‘modern man’ as to distinguish between him and the aboriginal man who was different. 

So Sitchin’s theories imply the existence of an inter-planetary alien race (Annunaki), an aboriginal human species (whose women were impregnated by the aliens), and thus also a hybrid race that was the off-spring between them.  That also makes THREE! Genesis, which essentially covers the same subject, tells of the creation of a new man by so-called God, which would seem to be associated with some alien authority involved in their Earth project.  

We can assume the Sumerians, who called themselves 'the black-headed people’, meaning black-haired, were different in this way.  They were the civilization left behind from the alien visitation, and the product of the taking of aboriginal women by alien men.  This STRONGLY suggests that the aboriginals (men and women), did NOT have black hair, but were instead fair-haired.  So however different from the aboriginal the aliens were, the hybrid product was easily distinguished by the color of hair.  The ancient Greeks called them 'semites', meaning semi-man, or the alien-aboriginal hybrid.  We look yet today at the region in question, and it is largely black-headed, and accepted history largely supports the idea that the black-headed people spread quickly in all directions, even to include all down into Africa and up and over the Bering into the Americas very soon after their ‘creation’.  We know of the black-headed Persian/Ottoman history of conquest or raids into lands of the fair-haired, to include the taking of concubines – kept in vails to conceal the ugly truth of that.  

So, modern man of Genesis seems to have been an alien hybrid created just 10k ago.  But the aboriginal man, who was here already tends to be ignored, as if a secret to be kept by some authority of the new man.  

The war Sitchin tells us of may have something to do with Plato’s description of the destruction of Atlantis.  The Plato texts, however, make little sense in extant form, due entirely to the dating of it.  But if a zero is added (back) to his timeline, where 11.5k becomes 115k years, it all adds up, and correlates with the sudden emergence of the Ice Age, and event that had global impact, leaving ruins and bones/mummies on nearly all continents.  This happened tens of thousands of year before the founding of ancient Sumer, thus BEFORE the presence of black-haired people on Earth.  Question becomes, did the aliens do this?  Was that the war Sitchin tells us about, for the purpose of eliminating the fair-haired, Atlantean-era aboriginal Earthlings?  

The science now can tell us of the genetics of all modern people, the hybrid black-haired, and the fair-haired - survivors of the Atlantis event and Ice Age.  The color of hair becomes an important distinction to determine the separation between the various admixtures, as most people today are a mixture.  But the fair-haired tend to be clumped in with the dark-haired as if there is no longer a distinction.  If the fair-haired were seen as a distinct race, then the DNA derived from the ancient bones, be they from giants or hobbits or normal-sized people, could be compared and contrasted, looking for ‘links’.  The modern black-haired may be too distinct for the comparison, although we know that the Chinese share some Denisovan/aboriginal genetics, seemingly from the original alien encounter.

But in this day and age, the truth can be known about the pre-Ice Age people if some bold scientist wanted to try to resurrect them via cloning and surrogates.  The DNA of the so-called giants and hobbits could also be derived, with lab-created embryos to be carried to term by willing surrogates.

So the truth is definitely within reach.


Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

I have been following this topic for decades now, and have an alternate suggestion. Maybe Giants are NOT a "third" species, but there were conditions in the Earth's past that favoured bigger growth. After all, weren't all species in antiquity much bigger? We have fossil Wombats that were 15 ft long in Australia.
There is a theory amongst those who take Noah's flood literally, that the pre-Flood people were all averaging 12-15ft tall, and the 8 survivors of the Deluge were the origin of many pagan Gods and Goddesses. Interestingly, the 8 original gods of Egypt were Fathered by Nu, who had a big boat that floats on the primordial deep.... There is other evidence. This does NOT rule out genetic disorders as well.
Also, ANYTHING involving actual Giant human remains is "disappeared" by the Science establishment, whoa re committed to Evolution Theory, and therefore CANNOT have Noah's Flood or Giant humans as literal. Jonathan Gray, author of Dead Men's Secrets, has a thick file on such cases - the Smithsonian seems to be the worst culprit in the USA - even using the Army to confiscate cameras and Hard drives, and force signing the US "Secrets Act" at gunpoint!
A quick internet search turns up some interesting claims of surviving giants in the Solomon Islands - people who live there know... I have checked.

Last year or the year before a verbal German professor found giant mummies in South America. The smallest woman was 2.30m and the largest male was 2.80m so to the average South American Indian 1.50-1.60m those where giants. She could take 2 of them back to Germany for further study. Also dna analysis

The above comments are utterly absurd and only succeed in revealing their narrow minded ignorance. Not all giant claims have been "debunk". Far from it. I regularly see these pompous comments and claims wherever I come across anything concerning giants, yet nothing to back their claims up with. Simply their haughty "debunked" declaration, because... When in reality they are just regurgitating what others have claimed and perpetuated in the same exact manor. It's like a feed back loop in an echo chamber of idiocy. Especially because it's quite simple to research the subject on the internet and come up with substantiating evidence that giants have in deed existed. But, do they even bother to put 5mins into it? I doubt it.

@Conor Kelly  Your claim is a lie.  You display remarkable naivete when it comes to teh scientific community.  You assume that any amount of convincing evidence would get the dogmatic evolutionists to abandon their religion when they would never ever allow that to happen.  There have been hundreds of giant bones found across the globe.  In a fair and impartial world, the Smithsonian wouldn’t have confiscated and destroyed those bones or otherwise hidden them from view.  The example you think siupports ypour argument was only allowed because it was assimilated into the evolutionary paradigm/religion.  Anything that refutes evolution is rejected, like giant’s bones.  There are far more evolutionary fakes than there ever were of giant fakes but you still adhere to the religion of evolution.  Even horse or pig teeth have been used to push the fantasy of a newly discovered hominid. 
Yes, there are interesting and real things to study and the religion of evolution is neither of those things but a fool’s errand which isn’t even grounded in science.  


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