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Creation myths

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Hopi Oral Traditions Of Creation Parallel Evolutionary Adaptation To Climate Change

Various spiritual traditions hold different views of how the Earth and humankind came to exist. There is the Christian view, mentioned in the Bible, Gospels not included in the Bible, and other...
The creation myths understood by many cultures and civilizations through their beliefs and mythology.  Source: QuietWord/Adobe

10 of the Wildest Creation Myths in History

Across the world’s various cultures and civilizations, there was always a firm belief that humans - and the world that they dwell in - had some sort of supernatural origins. These beliefs were the...
Top image: In the Norse creation myth, worlds of fire and ice emerge from the abyss at the beginning of the universe.	Source: ivanovevgeniy / Adobe Stock

Norse Creation Myth: Fire and Ice from the Abyss

The Norse people were the ancient tribal communities of Scandinavia, who in the modern day are often referred to or thought of as the Vikings (who were actually a subset of them). Like many other...
The god of Chaos in Greek mythology was depicted as both a goddess and a place. Source: RolffImages / Adobe Stock

The Greek God Chaos: The Primordial Cosmic Deity

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? If God created the universe, then who created God? If nothing existed before the Big Bang, then what created the cataclysm? The laws of the universe dictate...
Odin and his brothers defeated Ymir in Norse mythology, and used his body to create Midgard. Odin’s symbol, a raven, seen superimposed on a cosmic background.	Source: jozefklopacka / Adobe Stock

Ymir in Norse Mythology: A Cosmic Creation Story

The story of Ymir and the creation of the universe typifies the emphasis on sacrifice as a theme, in Nordic myth and in creation stories around the world. In Norse mythology, Ymir was the primeval...
A statue of Eri, the mythical founding king of the Igbo people of northwestern Africa.		Source: TheGuardian, Nigeria

Eri: Mythical King and Founder of the Igbo

The Igbo are a large ethnic group located around Nigeria with a fascinating origin story. Having lived throughout northwestern Africa for many years, the Igbo’s origins can be traced back nearly 6000...
Zeus rebuked by Aphrodite by Abraham Janssens I (1612) Art Institute of Chicago (Public Domain)

The Origins Of Ancient Greek Creation Mythology

Since the beginning of humankind, there has been the pressing need to understand the reasons why humans were created. What purpose do humans serve? Each ancient and modern culture hold their own...
Primaeval Temples Of Egypt: Hidden Gods In The Sand

Primaeval Temples Of Egypt: Hidden Gods In The Sand

Temples have always fascinated people. Although their structure, design and meaning, are sometimes taken for granted, they seem to be magical religion made manifest. It seems to be one of mankind’s...
Crater Lake National Park: Puzzling Myths and Missing Persons

Crater Lake National Park: Puzzling Myths and Missing Persons

Deep in the old-growth forests of Northwestern America lives a glorious gem of natural beauty. Crater Lake is renowned for its extreme depth, vibrant color, and crystal clarity. The towering cinders...
The Sacred and Ancient Legacy of our Feathered Friends

The Sacred and Ancient Legacy of our Feathered Friends

Although lions, tigers and other ferocious man-eaters were hunted and subsequently ritualized by shamans who attempted to internalize the energy of these different animals, throughout the ages birds...