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Mark A.

My name is Mark-Andrew Carpenter and I’m an emerging author, filmmaker, and rogue cultural anthropologist based in Baltimore Maryland, U.S. I studied archaeology until I discovered that they were not practicing objective science. Before abandoning the program, I did take advantage of the archaeological program’s internship involving excavations/digs of Maya temples on the Yucatan Peninsula. After becoming disillusioned with the program, I traveled to Hawaii exploring the many islands and participating in another, similar, archaeological internship with identical results.  At that point, I transferred to Stevenson University, seizing a merit scholarship here in Maryland, changing my focus of study to an interdisciplinary degree in anthropology and religion. Following graduation, I determined I needed to master the craft of creative writing in order to intellectually liberate/express myself. My quest now is to write in multiple mediums (fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting) in order deliver ideas and question the conventional human history/origin narrative to the widest possible audience.

In the autumn of 2019, I entered and won the Toast Among Ghosts (short horror fiction) writing contest, sponsored by Baltimore County Public Library, with my piece “Maui Mark and the Night Marchers.”


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