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Image of the 8th century Ardagh Chalice, part of a hoard recovered in County Limerick, Ireland.	Source: National Museum of Ireland / CC BY SA 2.0

Why the Ardagh Chalice Is An Irish National Treasure

Ireland has a long history and a beautiful culture that has brought many stunning pieces of artwork to the world. Often these beautiful works come from historical artifacts, such as the Book of Kells...
Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo – Christ with Joseph of Arimathea Source: Public Domain

Did Joseph of Arimathea Bring the Holy Grail to Britain?

According to the Biblical Gospels , Joseph of Arimathea played a key role in the days following Jesus’ death and leading up to his resurrection . It is claimed that he removed Jesus’ body from the...
Mosaic 	Source: Achia Kohn-Tavor / CSAJCO

Does this Mosaic Prove Site is the Fabled Church of the Apostles?

Archaeologists from Israel and the United States claim they have unearthed the ruins of the long-lost Church of the Apostles . This famed religious building was said to have been built sometime in...
Study Suggests St Peter’s Remains Are Not Buried At St Peter’s Basilica

Where Are St Peter’s Bones? Not in St Peter’s Basilica, New Study Reveals!

Saint Peter, born a Jewish man, was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. He is also historically recognized as the first Pope in Christianity. In Catholic legends, he is seen as the first...
Where Death Rings in the Hour: The Amazing Medieval Astronomical Clock of Prague

Where Death Rings in the Hour: The Amazing Medieval Astronomical Clock of Prague

The technical sophistication of the Middle Ages tends to be underestimated. Near the end of the High Middle Ages, mechanical technology such as clocks and water mills, for example, were becoming...
The Garden Tomb, rock tomb in Jerusalem, Israel      Source: valenizi / Adobe Stock

Could the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem be the Site of Jesus’ Resurrection?

Jerusalem is an ancient city, founded as the City of David in 1010 BC, but there is evidence of settlements going back to 4500 BC. It has been conquered more than 40 times by various nations,...
The possible Church of the Apostles at el-Araj is currently underwater.

Church of the Apostles Found? Maybe, But It’s Underwater for Now

Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority have made what they claim to be a major discovery. They believe that they have found a Byzantine-era church that was built on the site of the home...
Ossuary of James. Source: Finavon / Public Domain.

Ossuary of James the Just: The First Archaeological Evidence of the Existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Ossuary of James was the archaeological find that triggered the most sensational cover up of the 21st century. From the first charges of forgery in 2002 to the absolute silence of the media at...
The appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalena. Mary Magdalene sees the risen Jesus alone. Source: Alex Bakharev / Public Domain.

Was Mary Magdalene Destined To Be the First Pope?

New evidence has recently been uncovered and it implies that Mary Magdalene was the likely successor of Jesus . The importance of Mary Magdalene has always been accepted because she was the principal...
The Twelve Apostles of Ireland.

The Twelve Apostles of Ireland and Their Legendary Miracles

The original Twelve Apostles in the Christian religion are responsible for taking the faith and spreading it across the Mediterranean World. These are the Twelve Apostles who were among the original...
The Magdala Stone or altar in a temple where Jesus possibly preached (Wikimedia Commons)

Archaeologists Excavate Possible Home of Mary Magdalene and Synagogue Where Jesus May Have Preached

A Catholic priest and archaeologists in Israel are excavating an ancient synagogue and a site that may have been the home of Mary Magdalene, who has been called Jesus' most beloved disciple...
Relief on the Miègeville's gate of the basilica Saint-Sernin in Toulouse. The relief shows Simon magus, demons, and birth of the wine.

The Strange Life of Simon Magus, Christian, Pagan, Magician, and Sorcerer

Simon the Magician, otherwise known as Simon Magus, comes down through history predominately from the New Testament account, Acts of the Apostles 8:9-24 , with all other ancient sources pertaining to...