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Michael Hearns

Michael Hearns is from Ireland and he has been involved for many years conducting independent research on some of the cryptic puzzles and unsolved mysteries in the Bible. Many of those puzzles involved numbers and time periods. Michael is the author of several books including The Mystery of the Tabernacle, The Messiah Immortalised in Time, Mary Magdalene – the First Pope and The “Copper Scroll” Bible.

Michael made a tantalising discovery with the biblical tabernacle of Moses. He found that the various dimensions of the tabernacle in the ancient units of square cubits had the same numerical values as the orbits of the planets. This cosmic dimension transformed the tabernacle into a metaphysical structure making it a virtual heaven on earth. It led to Michael conducting an appraisal on why it stated in the gospels that the veil of the temple or tabernacle was rent in two at the death of Jesus. With the new knowledge of the cosmic data, Michael detected that the gospel writers had used the holy tabernacle as an image motif for the tomb in order to explain the resurrection of Jesus. In turn it revealed that Mary Magdalene had acquired the same status as the traditional high priest. This was why the gospel writers recorded Mary Magdalene as looking into God’s holy of holies chamber and view the two angelic Cherubim sitting at either end of where the body of Jesus had lain.  Only the high priest had access to God’s inner chamber and with that eminent status, Mary Magdalene was destined to be the first Pope. 

Michael’s latest research was a root and branch study of the mysterious copper scroll treasure map, which had confounded scholars for over sixty years since its discovery in a cave by the Dead Sea. He found that it was the numbers on the copper scroll, which were the real gems for they proved to be the indices of a marvellous calendar system for mastering time itself.

Michael studied telecommunication engineering in Dublin Institute of Technology and also acquired an arts degree in The National College of Ireland.  

More information is on his website


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