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The Secret Prophetic Alphabet of Armageddon

The Secret Prophetic Alphabet of Armageddon


In the beginning was the word, and by the time that word was made flesh some 85 million people would be dead. It would be incumbent upon us to discover just what that word might be. The word was ‘Armageddon’, ten letters over-burdened with doom and foreboding, which have tempted mankind for 2,000 years. The graphic imagery and searing examples of interminable and incalculable loss as depicted in the Book of Revelation have always been seen as the fraught ravings of over-heated imaginations. Serpents, dragons, firestorms and eternal damnation make for colorful reading, but the temperature of these febrile ramblings has rendered them all too easily to be dismissed.

Armageddon by Nicholas Roerich (1935) (Public Domain)

Armageddon by Nicholas Roerich (1935) (Public Domain)

The breaking down of all great mysteries generally depends on following a single thread or stumbling upon a key that can unlock the labyrinth. The word ‘Armageddon’ is just such a key. However, it must be seen in all its dimensions and not just a random combination of letters, but as an anagram of the ages. One that has served as a signpost to the greatest evils in history, predicting with clinical accuracy the rise of Hitler, the Holocaust and the darkest must brutal chapter in the history of humanity.

Compiling The Apocalyptic Verses From Armageddon

When one no longer regards ‘Armageddon’ as a single word but rather as a mini-alphabet, it forms the nucleus of a secret message from antiquity. The possibility of a secret alphabet was indicated by the prophet in Revelation where he wrote: “I am the Alpha and the Omega”, which were the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. The alphabet of ‘Armageddon’ takes the most blood-chilling prophecy ever made, out of the realms of high-fantasy and shamanic prediction and drags it in to the cold light of day with a forensic eye on fact. If ‘Armageddon’ was the word, then the word is man’s bondage.

The End of the World , painting also known as The Great Day of His Wrath by John Martin (1853)(Public Domain)

The End of the World , painting also known as The Great Day of His Wrath by John Martin (1853)(Public Domain)

The word ‘Armageddon’ has become the sensational buzzword for apocalyptic catastrophes of wars, famine and plagues. But has the prophecy from ‘Armageddon’ already been fulfilled with the worst excesses of barbarism, death and destruction during the two world wars?

Deriving a mini-alphabet from the letters of ‘Armageddon’, the current author, Michael Hearns, compiled the Apocalyptic Verses


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Michael Hearns has been involved for many years conducting independent research on some of the cryptic puzzles and unsolved mysteries in the Bible. He is the author of several books including The Mystery of the Tabernacle, The Messiah Immortalised in Time, Mary Magdalene – the First Pope, The “Copper Scroll” Bible and The Prophesy from Armageddon. All net proceeds of the book for the foreseeable future will be donated to Oxfam charity.

Top Image: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. (1887) From left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest; the Lamb is at the top.(Public Domain)

By Michael Hearns



Hi All,

Other than the location in Revelation Through John the Revelator of when Armageddon happen's the only part that's a Secret is Jesus' New Name alluded too in The Letter's to the Seven Churches in which Christ warned against The People Back sliding, Living an Contradictory Life style that did not reflect Christ like behavior.

The Bible is its own Interpretation and believe me; I've heard a few Interpretations in regards too Revelation and the Four Horse Men of The Apocalypse; actually, if one were too go back an read Revelation chapter 4#, there were Five Horsemen.

Now when I was little Revelation was scary as is common when reading this Biblical Account, The End of The World; but, I learned understanding Revelation depended on a Good Bible Teacher, the wrong teacher you will be terrified a Good One Sweet Comfort.

Since, I'm Adventists, I follow the teachings of Daniel & Revelation and the good teacher's within the Church Family; Pastor C.D. Brooks, Pastor Mark Finley, Pastor David Asherrick, an Pastor Doug Batchelor, from time to time I visit ytube an listen to the teaching's.

This is all I wanted to address with this article very exciting read to say the least until next time, Everyone Goodbye!

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Michael Hearns is from Ireland and he has been involved for many years conducting independent research on some of the cryptic puzzles and unsolved mysteries in the Bible. Many of those puzzles involved numbers and time periods. Michael is the... Read More

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