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Pierluigi Tombetti

Born in 1966, is a historian, author and writer who has thoroughly investigated the ideological and social reasons and motivations of National Socialism. Writer, columnist and editor in the historical and archaeological field, he is the author of reportages, articles and essays. Considered one of the greatest scholars of the Nazi religious core, he has been a consultant and guest in several Italian television programs including Stargate (La7), Atlantis (LA7), Top Secret (Rete 4), Voyager (Rai 2), etc.

Among the published texts: Il Settimo Sepolcro (Eremon, 2009); L'Ombra del Diluvio (Books and II – Eremon Edizioni, 2013); “Introduzione al Mein Kampf”, in A. Hitler, La mia battaglia (Gherardo Casini Editore -Rusconilibri, 2010); L'Enigma occulto di Hitler: Il Terzo Reich e il Nuovo Ordine Mondiale (Arkadia Editore, 2013); I Giorni Perduti - The Rune Trilogy Book I - (Arkadia Editore, 2014); I Segreti del Vaticano – La Santa Sede e il Nazismo (Arkadia Editore, 2015), SECRETUM – Il Codice L (Eremon Edizioni, 2019).

As a novelist, he combines his passion for historical and scientific research with his love of thriller and adventurous fiction, in an unusual mix of stories of great interest. With an inexhaustible creative vein, Pierluigi is also the author of TV formats and movie scripts, games and other projects.


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