Naturalistic reconstruction of Ötzi - South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

Did Ötzi the Iceman Actually Freeze to Death?

A new study suggests that Ötzi the Tyrolean Iceman died of exposure to freezing temperatures in the Italian Alps. Researchers claim that his body and head injuries were most likely made during some...
One of the skeletons excavated by York Archaeological Trust at Driffield Terrace had his head positioned near his feet.

Animal-bitten, Wounded, and Decapitated—Who were these Roman-era Men Buried near York?

A team of researchers using DNA analysis has determined a group of decapitated, animal-bitten, injured men from Roman-era Britain were mostly of European origin, but one was from the Middle East,...
Fatal wounds to the front and back of the skull thought to be caused by axe blows.

3,600-year-old bones of king Senebkay show Egyptian pharaoh met brutal end

King Senebkay, pharaoh during the Abydos Dynasty, was brutally killed during a fierce battle, researchers believe, and his remains were returned home to be mummified long after his death. Dr. Josef...