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Colonists arrive in America. Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock.

DNA Breakthrough: Solving the Roanoke Colony Mystery (Video)

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The mystery surrounding the fate of the Roanoke colonists, who vanished without a trace in 1590, may be unravelling thanks to DNA testing. The Roanoke colony, also known as the Lost Colony, has long puzzled historians and archaeologists, fueling countless theories and speculations. The recent DNA analysis of a group of individuals claiming ancestral ties to the Roanoke colonists suggests that that their claims may be true. By comparing the DNA samples of these individuals with genetic material extracted from historical artifacts and human remains found at the original colony site, scientists found a genetic link.

The revelation suggests the existence of living descendants of the Roanoke colonists and may offer valuable insights into their fate. It appears that some of the colonists assimilated into local Native American communities, eventually integrating into their societies and passing on their genetic heritage through generations. 

Top image: Colonists arrive in America. Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



To me, this video does not reveal what it claims. Without “Mr. Brown’s” DNA connected to the specific DNA of one of the 2 settlers named Brown, it proves only that Mr. Brown shared DNA with someone from England, not with a Roanoke colonist.

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