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Myth or reality, Ragnar Lothbrok remains an iconic figure in Viking lore. Source: HN Works/Adobe Stock

What is the Story Behind the Real Ragnar Lothbrok? (Video)

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Ragnar Lothbrok, an iconic figure in Viking lore, emerges from the shadows of Norse sagas, a sea king whose exploits reverberate through the annals of history. In 845, as the Frankish Empire grappled with internal strife following the death of Charlemagne, Ragnar, an enigmatic and flamboyant leader, descended upon West Frankia with over 5,000 Vikings. Employing Blitzkrieg tactics, he strategically demoralized his foes, culminating in the siege of Paris. The fortified city, isolated on the River Seine, witnessed a standoff that coerced a hefty ransom from Charles the Bald to secure Ragnar's departure.

Ragnar's impact transcended mere piracy, symbolizing the rise of sea kings – autonomous rulers capable of launching independent raids and claiming foreign lands. Clad in legendary magical trousers or not, Ragnar's legacy remains shrouded in the mists of legend. His saga, etched in Icelandic literary tradition, marks a pivotal chapter in the Viking age, where Northmen's raids reshaped the course of European history. From Greenland to the Mediterranean, the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok endures as a captivating chapter in the tumultuous saga of the Vikings.

Top image: Myth or reality, Ragnar Lothbrok remains an iconic figure in Viking lore. Source: HN Works/Adobe Stock

By Robbie Mitchell

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