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Medieval archer. Source: HN Works / Adobe Stock.

How a Medieval Archer Could Take Down an Armored Knight (Video)


Medieval archers faced a daunting challenge when attempting to defeat knights clad in full plate armor. They turned to a combination of weaponry, strategy, and ingenuity to surmount this formidable obstacle. At the heart of their arsenal were the longbows and crossbows, their trusted companions. These bows unleashed arrows with incredible force, capable of puncturing even the thickest armor. To enhance their armor-piercing capabilities, archers relied on specialized broadhead arrowheads. Yet, it was not just their weaponry but also their keen tactics that made archers successful. They honed their aim to perfection, directing arrows toward the chinks in a knight's armor, such as the vulnerable joints and the narrow visor slit. These precise shots aimed at sensitive areas like the eyes, throat, or armpits, where armor offered less protection.

Moreover, archers adopted a strategy of "concentrated shot." This involved unleashing a relentless barrage of arrows, creating a deadly storm that increased their chances of finding chinks in the knight's defenses. The heavy armor, while offering protection, also hindered the knight's agility. Archers exploited this weakness, taking advantage of the knight's limited mobility, ensuring they became vulnerable targets on the battlefield.

Top image: Medieval archer. Source: HN Works / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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I’m a graduate of History and Literature from The University of Manchester in England and a total history geek. Since a young age, I’ve been obsessed with history. The weirder the better. I spend my days working as a freelance... Read More

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