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Cenote used by the Mayans for offerings (representational). Source: 2ragon / Adobe Stock.

Fossils and Artifacts Found in Belize's Sacred Mayan Pools (Video)


In a recent discovery, a team of researchers has uncovered what appears to be an underwater portal to the Maya underworld. The team had set out to explore the sacred pools of the ancient Maya, located in an area known as Caracol in central Belize. The dives into the pools have revealed clues to the past, including the discovery of several fossil beds around 60 to 90 feet below the surface. The fossils, which include femur bones the size of a bowling ball, tusks, and pelvic bones, are the first recorded fossils ever found in Belize. The team also found ceramic shards and remains of Maya buildings constructed around 1100 to 1300 years ago.

According to the principal investigator, Lisa Lucero, the Maya considered openings in the earth, caves, and water bodies as portals to the underworld or Xibalba, and the researchers believe that the pools may hold ancient Maya offerings. While the team did not find any offerings on their initial dives, they plan to return for further exploration with more sophisticated diving equipment, hoping to uncover more treasures hidden in the depths of the pools.

Top image: Cenote used by the Mayans for offerings (representational). Source: 2ragon / Adobe Stock.

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