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Mysterious copper “cauldron” is now believed to be a 17th-century diving bell Source: Melvin Fisher Abt

Unidentified Object Off U.S. Coast: A 17th-Century Submersible?

For centuries, an unidentified disc-shaped object recovered off the Florida coast was presumed to be a 17th-century cauldron. Now, it appears that experts may have finally discovered its true nature...
Korean haenyeo divers. Source: ufokim / Adobe Stock.

Haenyeo: The Last Mermaids of Jeju (Video)

In the azure waters surrounding the historic Korean island of Jeju, a remarkable tradition endures. Enter the world of Kim Ok Ja, a tenacious 78-year-old woman who defies age and nature's challenges...
Cenote used by the Mayans for offerings (representational). Source: 2ragon / Adobe Stock.

Fossils and Artifacts Found in Belize's Sacred Mayan Pools (Video)

In a recent discovery, a team of researchers has uncovered what appears to be an underwater portal to the Maya underworld . The team had set out to explore the sacred pools of the ancient Maya,...
The waters around Antigua are filled with shipwrecks. Source: Malbert / Adobe Stock

Graveyard of the Caribbean: What Shipwrecks Lie In Antigua’s Waters?

In human history, there are many tragic events that are both historical and mysterious. Humans invent things, discover things, and often face many hurdles in their journey of discovery. One of the...
Marine archaeologists diving at the site of the Roman sea fortress.    Source: Sevastopol State University

Russian Divers Discover Ancient Roman Sea Fortress at Tartus

Dmitry Tatarkov, director of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations, recently told Almasdar News that Russian scientists from Sevastopol State University have made a series of...
Man performing at the land diving ceremony on the Pentecost Island, Vanuatu          Source: simanlaci / Adobe stock

Land Diving in Vanuatu: Would You Take the Leap of Faith?

Throughout the history of the world, tribal and slightly primitive people of remote corners of the globe, have always had unique beliefs and traditions. From Papua New Guinea, to Australia to the...
Stone head of lord Buddha photographed during a dive at the Temple, near Pemuteran, Bali

The Underwater Temple Garden: A Unique Fusion of Bouyancy and Enlightenment

The Underwater Temple Garden is a unique dive site located in Bali, Indonesia. This underwater garden was created in recent years, and contains a Balinese Hindu temple compound. A photo of the site...
The Ruins Lagoon located in the Royal Towers, home to over 20,000 deep reef and pelagic fish.

Dark Mysteries of the Deep: Ancient Divers and their Dangerous Journeys

It is not known who first braved cold, dark waters and held their breath to explore, or gather rare treasures or food, but divers have been retrieving items from beneath the water’s surface since the...
An early diving bell used by 16th Century divers during salvage operations. The book this came from is a text on ship salvage and includes diving information.

Oath of Silence Protects Amazing 500-Year-Old Diving Bell Used to Visit Sunken Roman Vessels

A vow of silence has protected the mystery behind an ingenious invention for nearly 500 years. The secrets behind Guglielmo de Lorena’s amazing diving bell, a technical marvel, would have remained an...