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Date palm tree. Source: Elena Dobreykina / Adobe Stock.

The Extinct Tree Scientists Brought Back To Life from Ancient Seeds (Video)


Forests of Judean date palm trees once thrived across the ancient land of Israel, spanning from the picturesque shores of Lake Galilee to the mesmerizing expanse of the Dead Sea. These majestic groves not only adorned the landscape but held deep cultural and symbolic significance. The fruit of the Judean date palm symbolized vitality, abundance, and prosperity, revered by the inhabitants of the region. Ancient literature praised its extraordinary medicinal properties, further elevating its stature. However, the passage of time saw the demise of these glorious palm forests, and by the Middle Ages, the Judean date palm had vanished completely, existing only in historical records and archaeological remnants.

Yet, in a remarkable scientific endeavor, in 2005 a team of dedicated researchers managed to breathe new life into this long-extinct tree. Through painstaking efforts and the utilization of ancient seeds discovered in archaeological sites, these scientists successfully resurrected the ancient Judean date palm. The reemergence of this once-lost species represents a significant milestone, offering a glimpse into the rich botanical heritage of the region and reconnecting modern generations with a vital part of their historical legacy.

Top image: Date palm tree. Source: Elena Dobreykina / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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