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Dr. Eran Elhaik completed a Ph.D. in Molecular Evolution in the University of Houston, studying the evolution of Mammalian Genomes. He completed two post-docs at Johns

Hopkins, working on population genetics and mental disorders. Dr. Elhaik is currently a lecturer in the Bioinformatics Hub of the University of Sheffield focusing on

population genetics and complex disorders that he links via personalized medicine. Dr. Elhaik's population genetics on modern and ancient DNA (aDNA) work received much attention.

His recent works include developing a genetic GPS tool that identifies the geographic origin of DNA and dating the most ancient human Y chromosome "Y

chromosomal Adam." Dr. Elhaik’s work on studying the origin of Ashkenazic Jews received worldwide attention when his group identified “Ancient Ashkenaz” in northeastern

Turkey. His recent works include tools to improve paleogenomic research such as ancient Ancestry Informatics Markers (aAIMs) that allow studying ancient origins in

modern-day populations with high accuracy and the Primeval DNA test, which allows individual to infer their genetic similarity to ancient people.


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