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Ezekiel’s Tomb. Credit: David Stanley / Flickr.

Ezekiel's Tomb: Transcending Religious Boundaries (Video)


Ezekiel's Tomb, nestled beside the meandering rivers of Babylon in Al Kifl, Iraq, is a testament to the convergence of history, faith, and the enduring human spirit. This 14th-century shrine, though in need of repair, continues to draw pilgrims from far and wide. As one delves into the layers of Al Kifl’s history, it's akin to exploring the intricate brickwork of its minaret. Here, Quranic verses intertwine with Hebrew lettering, creating a unique tapestry of religious heritage. It's a place where faiths intersect, where echoes of the past resonate.

Remarkable photographs from the 1930s provide a vivid glimpse into the lives of Iraqi Jews who once called this place home, serving as a poignant reminder of a bygone era. In the present day, Iraq's Jewish community has dwindled, and Shia clerics now oversee the site. However, the government envisions a future where Al Kifl becomes a beacon of unity, civilization, and peaceful coexistence. Plans are underway to preserve this sacred place, ensuring that it transcends religious boundaries to serve as a symbol of harmony, where people from all faiths can come together to appreciate its historical significance and the rich tapestry of cultures that have left their mark here.

Top image: Ezekiel’s Tomb. Credit: David Stanley / Flickr.

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