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Triumph of Titus and Vespasian. Source: Public Domain

The Roman Empire’s First Civil War: The Year of the 4 Emperors (Video)

In the wake of Emperor Nero's demise , Rome plunged into the tumultuous Year of the Four Emperors , marked by intrigue, betrayal, and bloodshed. Galba, the Senate's nominee, faced immediate...
Vespasian, Founder of the Flavian dynasty built the Colosseum in Rome (  rpbmedia/ Adobe Stock)

Legacy Of Vespasian Founder Of The Roman Flavian Dynasty

The death of Emperor Nero in 68 AD ended the Julio-Claudian dynasty of Roman Emperors. It also initiated a succession crisis which degenerated into a short but deadly civil war. This was the first...
From left to right - Galba, Otho, Vespasian, and Vitellius 	Source: Wolfgang Sauber/CC BY-SA 3.0, Fred Romero from Paris, France, CC BY 2.0), Sailko/CC BY 3.0, Louvre Museum/CC BY 2.5

The Year of the Four Emperors, Ancient Rome's Epic Saga

The Roman emperor Nero was the last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. During his rule, he was disdained by his people because of his vanity and inadequacies as leader. He had one wife executed and he...
Roman colosseum. Source: phant / Adobe Stock.

Roman Emperor Vespasian Built the Colosseum to Boost Morale (Video)

Roman Emperor Vespasian's decision to construct the Colosseum in ancient Rome was a strategic move aimed at fostering unity and lifting the spirits of the populace. Drawing on his experience as a...
Roma emperor walking along a colonnade (Giordano Aita/ Adobe Stock)

The Men Who Ruled The World From Rome

The history of the classical Roman State spanned more than 12 centuries. It extended from the foundation of Rome in 753 BC to the fall of the western part of the Empire in 476 AD. The rich legacy...
Politics Behind The Jewish-Roman War: Vespasian Versus Izates Manu

Politics Behind The Jewish-Roman War: Vespasian Versus Izates Manu

A few years ago, the world of biblical archaeology was treated to a spectacular mosaic find from the ancient Huqoq synagogue , an archaeological site just north of Tiberias. The image-exclusive was...
Ancient gladiator and image representative of the Flavian amphitheater        Source: Luis Louro/ Adobe Stock

The Flavian Amphitheater that Bought Emperor Vespasian’s Popularity

Amphitheaters were a large part of the Roman culture and they were built in many of their cities across their empire, such as El Jem in Tunisia, Nimes Arena in France, and Leptis Magnus in Libya...
Emperor Domitian by Domenico Fetti. Musee du Louvre.

Why Was Emperor Domitian Hated by the Elite but Loved by the People?

Domitian was a Roman emperor who lived during the 1 st century AD. He was the son of Vespasian, and the younger brother of Titus, whom he succeeded as emperor. Together, these three emperors form the...
Tapestry of Vespasian and his two sons Titus and Domitian.

A Turbulent Tide Turns In Favor of the Flavian Dynasty

The Flavian Dynasty was a Roman imperial dynasty that lasted from 69 AD to 96 AD. There were three Flavian emperors, Vespasian and his sons Titus and Domitian. The Flavians came to power at the end...
Six of the Roman Emperors:

A Succinct Timeline of Roman Emperors—400 Years of Power Condensed

To say that the Roman Empire had its ups and downs would be the understatement of all understatements. No “nation” was more abruptly destabilized or even more abruptly stabilized than that of ancient...
Reconstruction drawing of the communal latrines at Housesteads Roman fort (Vercovicium) on Hadrian's Wall. This site is now in the care of English Heritage (2010).

Money Does Not Stink: The Urine Tax of Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans have passed many traditions on to modern day society, but they certainly had a different perspective on urine. It was seen as much more useful than today. They used it as a...
Rome's Colosseum

Colosseum of Rome, a Condominium in Medieval Times

The Colosseum of Rome is infamously known as the site of brutal gladiator battles in which slaves, Christians, and gladiator fighters were mercilessly slaughtered for the enjoyment of the emperor and...