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ArticleMule Canyon: Ancestral Pueblo Village of the Anasazi Aleksa Vučković116 hours 39 min ago
ArticleThe Disc of Sabu: Ancient Egyptian Water Pump or Alien Hyperdrive? Aleksa Vučković31 day 15 hours ago
ArticleByzantium Suffers Barbarian Wrath in the Massacre of Milan of 539 AD Aleksa Vučković03 days 11 hours ago
ArticleOverlords of the Underworlds: 10 Gods of Death From Around the World Aleksa Vučković05 days 15 hours ago
ArticleControversy at Hueyatlaco: When Did Humans First Inhabit the Americas? Aleksa Vučković41 week 6 days ago
ArticleSybil Ludington: Unsung Heroine of the American Revolutionary War Aleksa Vučković02 weeks 15 hours ago
ArticleA Test for the Taste Buds: The 7 Weirdest Foods in History Aleksa Vučković22 weeks 6 days ago
ArticleSaintly Leader, or Vengeful Opportunist? The Story of Vladimir the Great Aleksa Vučković12 months 4 days ago
ArticleThe Kievan Rus’ – When Vikings and Slavs Cooperated to Shape History Aleksa Vučković23 months 5 days ago
ArticleTimeline of Human Activity in Ancient Ireland is 33,000 Years Old! ashley cowie43 months 1 week ago
ArticleScotland’s Great Tragedy: The Bloody Battle of Flodden Aleksa Vučković03 months 1 week ago
ArticleThe Sinful Sodom and Gomorrah: Real Historic Cities or Biblical Myth? Aleksa Vučković13 months 1 week ago
Article6 of the Most Magnificent Stone Circles of the British Isles Aleksa Vučković13 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleWayland the Smith: The Lost Germanic Legend of the Flying Blacksmith Aleksa Vučković23 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe Mummified Miner: Fet Mats Israelsson and His Unfortunate Demise Aleksa Vučković23 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe Roman Empire’s Crisis of the Third Century Aleksa Vučković63 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleSaxo Grammaticus: Warrior Historian of the Danes and a Medieval Influencer Aleksa Vučković03 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleAntichrist: The Deceiver, Betrayer and Herald of the End of Times Aleksa Vučković33 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleEaten Alive By Eels: The Infamous Cruelty of Publius Vedius Pollio Aleksa Vučković43 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleThe Carthusians: Solitary Lives Dedicated to Pure Contemplation Aleksa Vučković04 months 8 hours ago
ArticleThe Copper Age: When Metallurgy Came to Rule the World Aleksa Vučković14 months 3 days ago
ArticleReady for the Afterlife: The Mummification Process in Ancient Egypt Aleksa Vučković14 months 5 days ago
ArticleThe Floating Wonder of Reynard Beck: Hoax or Miracle of Nature? Aleksa Vučković04 months 1 week ago
ArticleThe Kingdom of Bohemia: European Jewel and the Heritage of Czechs Aleksa Vučković04 months 1 week ago
ArticleWitch Pricking And The Devil’s Mark Aleksa Vučković14 months 2 weeks ago